MyGuy2021™ Final Results

The Giants Prospects are the stars of MyGuy™. Years ago one of our posters, “avwh”, was the “star” for making us think more about the prospects. Then we suddenly lost him on December 20, 2015. He is Allen Hirsch and here is a Tribute to him from the Golden Gate Audubon Society. DrLefty wrote about his baseball life and love on this blog. His initials, avwh, are on the MyGuy™ button.

MyGuy™ is designed to get us engaged in the prospect progress during their season. It is also designed to give each of us focus.

With four minor league teams and roughly 100 prospects to choose from, we each decide on Eight of them that are “My Guys” for the season. That allows us to bite off a manageable piece to digest. And there is pleasure in such a focus.         We use wRC+ [“Weighted Runs Created Plus”] to measure how well each Position player did. As you read this, keep in mind that “100” is an average player in that league playing in that park. Sadly, no defensive metric has been found to include. To measure the Pitchers, we have our own, proprietary combo of WHIP and ERA.

How the Prospects Did

Those we picked and those we missed.

Class AAA Sacramento River Cats

Best: Estrada, Bishop, Castro, Long

Worst: Bart, Menez, Frisbee

Missed: Doval, Jackson

         Thairo Estrada [SS] achieved a 167 wRC+ because of our bonus for him getting promoted to the MLB level and doing this: .273/.333/.479. Braden Bishop [OF] was second as he remained in SAC playing at a 131 wRC+ clip based on .326/.389/.549
Joey Bart [C] earned a 107 wRC+ based on .294/.358/.472. What makes that one of the “worst” is expectations as a Top Ten Giants prospect. That meant he had our handicap applied to his numbers that other prospects did not.

Kervin Castro earned the top spot using the MLB promotion bonus. In the MLB regular season, he had 13.1 IP, zero earned runs and a 1.28 WHIP. Next came two pitchers none of us picked: Doval, 27.0 IP, 3.00 ERA, 1.04 WHIP and Jackson 21.2 IP, 3.74 ERA, 1.25 WHIP. Again, both benefited from the MLB bonus. Sammy Long [SP] got second place among those we did pick: 40.2 IP and 1.28 WHIP and the MLB bonus.

Conner Menez [SP] did not pitch enough in the MLB to get the bonus so his pure AAA numbers were 6.75 ERA and 1.99 WHIP. Even worse was rising star Matt Frisbee [SP] who had 7.64 ERA and 1.79 WHIP. His upside is that he started out the year in Eugene where he did very well.

Class AA Richmond Flying Squirrels
Best: Fabian, Kilian, Long

Worst: Ramos, Frisbee, Beck

Missed: Villar, Ruotolo

This team had Ramos [OF] but as a Top Ten the expectations were high and the 25% handicap cost him. He only got a 107 wRC+ in Richmond and 80 wRC+ in Sacramento. Sandro Fabian [OF] was our top player picked but only a 104 wRC+ at .264/.297/.466.  We all missed David Villar [3B] who was top overall with 141 wRC+ based on .275 with 20 HR’s. [Take note of him in your Rule 5 guys list…]

The top pitcher was Caleb Kilian [SP]. He was the prospect the Cubs took for Bryant and for good reason. 63 IP, 8 BB, 64 K’s, 2.43 ERA, 0.94 WHIP. Sammy Long [SP] got second in this pitching group too. That happened because he started here, got picked by some of us, then got promoted to AAA early, where some picked him there. We all missed on Patrick Ruotolo [RP] who finished with 37 IP / 5 BB / 50 K / 0.68 WHIP

On the down side was Matt Frisbee [SP]. He started out well in this league 59.2 IP / 65 K / 10 BB / 0.96 WHIP.  But his bad numbers in Sacramento are what he is judged on. Even his promotion bonus could not keep him from showing up at the bottom here. Another surprise bad showing was Tristan Beck [SP] but he missed almost three months in mid-season.

Class A+ Eugene Emeralds

Best: Rincones, Munguia, Kilian, Dabovich

Worst: Corry, Wilson

Missed: Wright, Fitzgerald

Diego Rincones [OF]was achieving a 141 wRC+ here, .300/.385/.533. He was promoted to Richmond against the next level of pitchers where he earned a 140 wRC+ based on .290/.373/.505. Obviously, this shows a player that was #1 on his team. My personal favorite, Ismael Munguia [OF] from Nicaragua [“new millennium Marvin Bernard”?] stayed in Eugene all season making 130 wRC+ and winning the league batting title by 20 points. He hit .336. On the other end, a nice-looking prospect in Arizona, Wil Wilson [SS], was promoted but saw his wRC+ slip from 120 to 65. All of us overlooked Tyler Fitzgerald [OF] who hit 19 HR’s and got a wRC+ of 121.

Pitching was led by Caleb Kilian [SP] mentioned earlier for winning in AA when he was promoted. He started here in Eugene so he was a top pick here also. RJ Dabovich [RP] also was promoted to Richmond. While his ERA slipped from 1.42 to 3.66 he still had 19.2 IP and 34 K’s. The disappointment in Eugene was Seth Corry [SP], one of the Top Ten. He struggled so much early on that his numbers could not recover. Being My Guy I was watching and he did finish his last four games with 8.1 IP of shut-out ball and 3 hits allowed. A bright note we all missed was Chris Wright [RP] He had 37 IP, 62 K and a 0.97 ERA.

Class A San Jose Giants

Best: Murphy, Crawford, Smith, Genoves

Worst: Harrison, Luciano

Missed: Waites, Reich, Auerbach, Pomares

Armani Smith [OF], after 15 games with San Jose and slugging .629 was promoted to Eugene. There he produced a line of .279/.351/.452. He was number one. But two overlooked players were around him: Brett Auerbach [C/2B] and Jairo Pomares [OF]. Pomares had a wRC+ of 182 in San Jose and then did very well in Eugene: 103 AB but 6 HR and .505 SLG. Auerbach hit even better than Pomares in Eugene: .256/.333/.533 and for twice as long. Among our picks, Ricardo Genoves [C] got #2. In San Jose his wRC+ was 161 based on .338/.441/.551. Again. due to the Top Ten handicap, Marco Luciano [SS] did not compare well to these other players. He s song in San Jose with a wRC+ of 138 but fell to 59 in Eugene.

Kyle Harrison [SP] had a similar fate to Luciano as a Top Ten. He dug a hole early with wildness. Harrison finished strong in a deep field of pitchers in San Jose with 98.2 IP and 157 K! Ryan Murphy [SP] just dominated even after his promotion to Eugene. There he had 31.1 IP, 48 K, 1.44 ERA and 0.67 WHIP. But a group of relief pitchers went unnoticed by our voting.  Cole Waites, 10.1 IP and 24 K and Austin Reich who was promoted to Eugene and had 1.56 ERA, 0.61 WHIP, 34.2 IP and 47 K. There was also on relief pitcher that two of us voted for, Brooks Crawford. He earned the #2 rank on the team with 46 IP, 57 K, 1.96 ERA and 0.98 WHIP

How the TWG “Scouts” Did
Just the Best

21 of us picked who we thought would be the best hitters and best pitchers on the four Giants full-season minor league teams. That gives us each eight players trying to turn in the best performance on their team. They get ranked among all the other players on the team that were picked. #1 is best and then on down to the last player picked. A perfect score would be an “8”. The lower the score the better. Think golf.
Here are the top half of the scores, the voters and how they did it.

18 Sarcastic … Four #1’s [Estrada, Rincones, Kilian, Murphy]

20 Crawnik and Noce … Same four #1’s but weaker secondary picks

22 The Tevister … Four #2’s plus nothing lower than #5

24 HaakAway … Had Munguia, #2 in Eugene
DrLefty … Found Smith, #1 in San Jose
27RobDeer  … Dabovich & Rincones in Eugene

2812xu [Dabovich & Long], BuySellTrade [Estrada & Kilian], AHS [Estrada & Kilian],
SkweezPlay [Estrada, Castro & Kilian]

If any others want their scores just ask me.
My email is My SF Giant Guy at gMel dOtt calm [written this way to avoid Bots, but you can figure it out].

Thank you for all the encouragement from so many of you.