Together We’re Giants

Editor’s Note: Sometimes the Together We’re Giants commenters simply post everything there is to say. Below are highlights from last night’s commentary.

Yes offense is atrocious…but the pitching has been even worse as Baggs lays out in brutal detail

For example

They have given up 71 runs in the first inning.

Their rotation entered Wednesday with -5.5 wins above replacement. The 29th-ranked Royals were at -2.8.

The Giants are allowing an .891 OPS with runners in scoring position, which is the worst in the major leagues.

Just imagine if they trade Bum Smith Watson ….…


    given up 71 runs in the 1st inning???? wow. just wow.


      if they trade those 3 we will be worse. but does it really matter? we ‘re not going anywhere this year anyway. maybe we can get a member of our next core. we will be bad for the next couple of years. accept that fact.


        No illusions here.

        You know earlier I was predicting an 88 win season with some decent pitching and the hitting have a bounce back years with Pillar and Parra playing to their card, Belt, Crawford, Posey, Panik and Longoria improving back to their card.

        Instead, you have every last one of then digressing. The Giants do not have a single starter with 100 AB or more at this point in the year hitting over .250. The season is almost half over. That is a disgustingly bad offense which is why they are at the bottom of the league in average.

        When you couple that with the pitching being in the bottom 25% of the league in ERA you can see why they have the worst run differential.

        These past 2 Dodger games has added what 16 more to that 90 run differential they had?


          Well on the bright side regarding the averages at least there is tight competition for the team lead. Right now of the qualifying hitters you’ve got Pillar leading with a robust .241 average, followed closely with Belt and Panik at an edge of you seat mark of .237. Duggar and Longoria are right on their heals at .234. Only Crawford seems to be out of the race, struggling to stay above the Mendoza line at .206. Wild cards are Posey at .247 but who has missed too much time recently to qualify and Sandoval at .288 but just not being paid enough by the Giants to warrant enough playing time to qualify.

          It’s a tough race to handicap. The current frontrunner Pillar is a wild swjnger and not known for hitting at a high average. No one has had any thing close to a hot streak. Belt is due for one but nothing appears imminent. Posey has the experience, afterall he is a former batting champion, but his swings looks as though he’s hitting underwater. I guess we’ll just have to see it through to the thrilling finish.


          I had them at 77…definitely not a .500 or above roster heading in, imo.
          Over/under for SF was 73.5 (futures team totals), to give you an idea what my industry thought of Giants in 2019.

          From an earlier post by 12xu


          Belt: signed through 2021, his age 33 season

          Crawford: 2021, 34

          Posey: 2022, 35

          Longoria: 2023, 37 [good lord, he’s lousy now at 33, can you imagine what he’ll be like when he’s 37?]


            I hated the longo trade. he should be called shortgo


            If ever a team needed a kick in the pants manager it’s this one. Alas, that’s not Bochy and especially in his see you later pick up the last big paychecks season.


            The irony of this year’s Giants team is that it seems like Pablo and Pillar and Austin are the guys knocking in crucial runs while our aging core can’t find their asses with both hands. Crawford doesn’t have a prototypical shortstop’s body and he might be largely finished right now. About the only core guy producing something is Belt and it’s not like he’s lighting the world on fire. I think it’s high time to dismantle the core and get a raft of top prospects. The core is either done or on life support.