Haak Away


There is one open question to settle on this: “Who will the Giants Extend/Re-Sign?”
The most votes went to “No One” If that holds, EB wins this getting three of the five Questions right plus naming 9 of the Arb Eligible players right. Runners up are Paul in PV, 610nm and Sharks. Yours truly remains a long shot as I named BP28 as getting a new contract. If the Giants do that before Opening Day then I beat that auspicious group by a nose at the wire.


This asks, “Who will be on the Opening Day 26-Man”?
Having done this for about five years there has always been 6-12 slots that were “open” question marks. This year I count the sure bets as 24. While we all love that number, it creates a problem. If that holds, and only Two spots can even be debated, then we will need a tiebreaker question related to roster moves. The MyGuyRulesCommittee™ [me] is open to suggestions.

This asks, “What prospects in the Giants minor league system will have break-out years?”
This uses the stats from the previous year to measure who improved the most. With no Minor League 2020 to compare to this had to be changed. But I really like this change. Once the minor league season starts we will each have 30 days to scout the prospects in their first month of baseball. Then we each submit one pitcher and one position player from each team that will have the best 2021 season on that team. What I like most about this change is we each scout each team and player in THIS season. No need to dig into all the past reports and predictions. Just look at who is playing the best now. “Sit in the stands” virtually and fill out your ballot. Bapah has been pushing for something like this for years. Now we are forced into it by COVID and it excites me that it may have been the better way all along. More details will come out as we get to Opening Day.

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