Greek Giant

This is a bittersweet time of the year.

The Sweet: It’s the postseason! The most exciting playoffs in the most beautiful sport in the world.. here we go.
The Bitter: The Giants are absent from the postseason (sniff, sniff).

This is the first year of the expanded postseason and I, for one, am not a fan. It’s yet another dilution of the importance of the regular season. In defense of Mr. Manfred and MLB I will say this: All the teams that made it to the playoffs have something exciting about them. Each of them is a “good” team and I would say that probably 10 of the 12 have a legit chance at hoisting the Commissioner’s trophy when all is said and done.

So, in true TWG spirit, GG will use this post as an opportunity to make his bold predictions. Then we can spend the rest of the weeks and months dissecting the 2022 Giants and fantasizing about their 2023 season.

The division winners with the two best records receive first-round byes, not necessarily a blessing in baseball. The three Wild Cards in each league and the division winner with the third best record among Divisional Champs play in a best of three series in the first round.

Series Breakdowns

American League
Round 1: Rays vs Guardians
GG says: Cleveland in three. The Guardians come into this series very hot and the Rays, well, they’re good but Cleveland hosts the series, a big advantage.

Round 1: Mariners vs Blue Jays
GG says: Mariners in a sweep. It’s Seattle’s time to get to the World Series. You read it here first.

National League
Round 1: Phillies vs Cardinals
GG says: Cards in three. Albert hits a bomb or two. Philly does not have enough pitching.

Round 1: Padres vs Mets
GG says: Mets in three. Padres miss Tatis, Mets have better pitching and play at home. This should be a great series.