Greek Giant

The 2022 World Series begins tonight. The first two games are in Houston. MLB waited too long to start the Fall Classic. They should have begun the series on Tuesday but nobody asked me. So, this is, to say the least, a matchup nobody saw coming. The Astros won 19 more games than the Phillies in the regular season — the second-largest World Series matchup win disparity of all-time.

The Phillies versus the Astros. Raise your hand if you predicted this in April!

Philadelphia Phillies

The Phillies are hitting incredibly well and getting big hits and small at crucial times. Their starting pitching has been excellent and Bryce Harper has become a consummate team player and Superman this postseason. Throw in a dash of Rhys Hoskins, J. T. Realmuto, Kyle Schwarber and you have a fearsome line up. It still pains me to see Zack Wheeler dealing for another team. He is the co-ace of the Phillies staff, along with Aaron Nola. If those two guys pitch well the Phillies could actually win the series.

Houston Astros

Ok, yes, the Astros have a slimy history with an owner pretending he never knew anything about the cheating. But let’s turn the page and let bygones be bygones even though none of the players was punished. This is a new regime with a new GM and Dusty Baker quietly managing a brilliant game. The Astros have a phenomenal mix of overall talent with veterans like Alex Bregman and Jose Altuve. But it is their youth that has stolen the show this October. Jeremy Pena is now a star. Throw in a super pitching staff anchored by the ageless Verlander and you have a championship team, barring any injury.

GG’s Pick: Astros in five.

What team should Giants fans root for? Well, ok, there’s the National League connection but come on gang, seeing Dusty Baker finally hoist the Commissioner’s Trophy will be the story of the year and the icing on a beautiful cake of a Managerial career.