Greek Giant

I am working on an article concerning the Giants Managerial search. It will be a good one, I promise. In the meantime, tonight there will be two NL Division Series games. They are both the second game in a best of series. It’s absolutely no surprise the Phillies and DBacks one the first games of their series considering the absurd one week off given to the Braves and Dodgers. MLB and Pete Manfred ROYALLY F-cked up the Postseason by adding more teams and then by creating far too many off days. The off days kill the postseason momentum and favor the underdog far too much. John Smoltz addreses this issue annually by explaining that its unfair for a team to have so many days off to reset their rotation as an underdog. I agree. The delays hurt the timing and the game-readiness of the better teams. It’s a total cluster you know what.

The Rangers and Bruce Bochy have shocked the baseball world by winning the first two games of their series against the Orioles in Baltimore, a team that was heavily favored. I will adress Bochy’s influence and Managerial acumen in my piece tomorrow. In the meantime, if you want to see the effect of his brilliance and experience on a team just read this article by Tim Keown on and watch the playoffs. Bochy makes other Managers look like student-apprentices not yet ready for the big time. I hope Farhan Zaidi and the Giants ownership are taking notes because if they hire another “Yes” Man who presses all the Analytics buttons then… Well, just wait till you see what I write about tomorrow.

Happy Baseballing, everyone!

Here is the schedule for tonight’s action:

NLDSGm 2PHI leads 1-0
NLDSGm 2AZ leads 1-0