Greek Giant

Here we go! The 2023 season is nearly upon us. Are you excited? “Hell Yes!” is my reply. Look, I am not crazy about the Farhan way. I am not a fan of Kapler’s constant platooning and substitutions. It’s just not Major League Baseball in my book and it will never produce a World Series ring. However, in the spirit of a new season nearly upon us I am going to take the high road and say this: The Giants will make the playoffs in 2023. What version of that postseason appearance will take is another matter. Considering that 14 of the 15 National League teams qualify for the postseason (It’s an exaggeration but you get the idea) that’s not saying much about our beloved baseball club.

The Giants will formally announce their 26-man roster tomorrow, on Opening Day. Taking a look at the current “active” ( terminology) Giants roster we see some interesting additions that could take the Giants over the .500 mark and into the 84-85 win territory that could see them punching a ticket for October baseball. They include Michael Conforto and Mitch Haniger in the outfield and Blake Sabol. What? Blake Sabol, you ask? Yes, that guy who is the story of the Spring and who will play in the outfield and probably catch, once his position on the roster is confirmed tomorrow and it will be.

Keep an eye on Ross Stripling and Anthony Desclafani. Good seasons from them and we celebrate. Bad seasons and it’s time to re-think the future. Don’t forget the inevitable Kyle Harrison call-up. Will he be a rotation mainstay?

For me David Villar is a wild card that could have a breakout season and be a fixture in the Giants line up for a long time. The starting pitching looks deep but let’s see how strong it is after Webb takes his turn in the rotation. That’s a big question mark for me. Do the Giants have enough quality starting pitching to keep their bullpen relatively fresh and to win games before the matchups play a part. That’s the magic moment. Can the Giants starting pitching combined with their line up, get leads early, let’s say before the fifth inning? If so, the team gets in the postseason. If no, all bets are off. Keep an eye out for Stripling to have a surprising season.

GG’s Giants Prediction: 84-78, Wild Card

NL West Champs: Padres
NL Central Champs: Cardinals
NL East Champs: Braves

AL West Champs: Astros
AL Central Champs: Twins
AL East Champs: Rays

NL Champs: Braves
AL Champs: Astros

World Series Winners: Braves in 7!