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Spring Training is here, finally! With the arrival of all the players on Wednesday and Thursday the Giants have a full camp and a full set of questions heading into the 2023 season. There are many young players to keep an eye on, some of whom, as we all know, may make the big club for Opening Day in the Big Apple. They include Kyle Harrison and my dark horse, Luis Matos.

The Joey Bart Situation

There is word out on the streets of Scottsdale that third base is David Viallar’s to lose. The Giants also had a private tete-a-tete with Joey Bart to tell him nothing is guaranteed regarding his spot in the line up and on the roster for 2023! Wow!

“For any prospects that come to the big leagues, the organization wants to give them a chance to perform and succeed, and at a certain point, a player just has less of that runway. He’s just competing like others are in a major-league camp. And that’s where we are with Joey. He’s had some moments of performance at the major-league level, (but) I don’t think the body of his career has earned a surefire inside track to the No. 1 catching job. And the only way that happens is through earning it and making it abundantly clear that he should be our starting catcher.”

-Gabe Kapler

It appears the Giants are going for a light a fire under your ass approach to their development of the young catcher and former number 2 draft pick.

Injuries Already!?

Marco Luciano is out with a lower back problem he suffered in winter ball. It’s been an issue since last season and appears to be a career-threatening injury. The Giants have been cautiously optimistic that he will return in time for Spring Training games but that’s not clear and this could be a terrible turn of events for the young infielder.

Michael Conforto reported to camp with a sore left shoulder and will be restricted to hitting duties solely. He needs to re-build strength in that throwing shoulder and throwing arm and we are all crossing our fingers that the big lefty will rebound to be an adequate outfielder. The Giants don’ t need any more lefty-hitting outfielders who cannot play outfield!

Get Ready for More Balks

Bleacher Report has recently published a good article why MLB wants to call more balks with the new pitch clock and enforce all the subtleties of the balk rule. It’s an interesting read and get ready for more runners advancing and scoring as a result. I would also prepare myself for more anger, Managers getting ejected, and general ensuing mayhem.

Misters Rogers Have Reported!

This is cool:

For those of you fortunate enough to be in Scottsdale, Have fun. I always loved Spring Training as a fan. Send us photos!