Greek Giant

The 2024 Hall of Fame Class was announced yesterday by Major League Baseball and the Hall of Fame. The New inductees are Adrian Beltre, Joe Mauer and Todd Helton. Each is deserving. I believe Mauer’s induction could be good news for Buster Posey in three years.

Here is the complete list of results, courtesy of

Candidates needed 289 votes to be elected. Full BBWAA ballot results are below:

Adrian Beltré: 366 votes, 95.1%
Todd Helton: 307 votes, 79.7%
Joe Mauer: 293 votes, 76.1%
Billy Wagner: 284 votes, 73.8%
Gary Sheffield: 246 votes, 63.9%
Andruw Jones: 237 votes, 61.6%
Carlos Beltrán: 220 votes, 57.1%
Alex Rodriguez: 134 votes, 34.8%
Manny Ramirez: 125 votes, 32.5%
Chase Utley: 111 votes, 28.8%
Omar Vizquel: 68 votes, 17.7%
Bobby Abreu: 57 votes, 14.8%
Jimmy Rollins: 57 votes, 14.8%
Andy Pettitte: 52 votes, 13.5%
Mark Buehrle: 32 votes, 8.3%
Francisco Rodriguez: 30 votes, 7.8%
Torii Hunter: 28 votes, 7.3%
David Wright: 24 votes, 6.2%

To get enshrined a player needs 75% of the votes. Billy Wagner just missed and will get in eventually. If Barry Bonds is not in then there is no scenario in my book for ARod. Beltran’s reputation is tainted too.  Garry Sheffield may get in.

Beltre had a sensational career. Same with Helton, who despite playing in Denver, put up insane numbers beyond the home field advantage.

Joe Mauer’s career is comparable to Buster’s. We shall see how the voters feel. Mauer never won a ring. Buster won three.