Editor’s Note: In view of the Giants terrible loss last night we decided to publish the MyGuy article today in lieu of a game story.

Haak Away

Three Reasons to Join in on MyGuy2024™

Frustration Relief
No matter how bad things get on the MLB level, you will have eight young guys to look at instead. One of them will Ease Your Pain.

Future Re-Focus

Staying strong always requires hope that things will get better. This is not pie-in-the-sky but trusting your guy has character and dreams: If You Build It He Will Come.

Full Reward
When August rolls around some unheralded prospect will be the talk of the town.  Think Panik and Duffy. Some here will claim he always was their guy, looking at you Footy. But only those who filled out their MyGuy™ ballot have valid bragging rights to say, “He was My Guy from the beginning.”

How to Join MyGuy2024™

Pick one Position Player and one Pitcher from each Minor League team in the Giants’ system. Choose the eight you think will Improve the Most this year.

Follow the link to our Ballot and select from the simple drop down menu of all the names.


You will get an email confirmation. Save that email as it gives you a link back to change your picks right up until the deadline of Willie’s Birthday, May 6.

The winner will get an avwhMyGuyButton™. “Avwh” was the blog name of Allen Hirsch. He was a solid member of our blog who had a passion for prospects. He died suddenly a few years ago. Allen was a nature photographer. On the MyGuy™ button we use a picture he took of a seagull and a crab. Those are two iconic animals in SF Giant history.

Want even more details or have questions?
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