Greek Giant

The official Giants website has some interesting tidbits if you dig a little. With the lockout and negotiations between the Players Union and MLB ownership still at a pretty bleak phase it is time to change the subject to something all Giant fans can agree on: Giant Tim Lincecum wind-up toys are rad. At the official Giants memorabilia vault fans can catch a glimpse of some pretty cool things in addition to the aforementioned Freak toy, pictured here.

Fans can also get a glimpse of a variety of other curios including a 2013 Sports Illustrated with Buster on the cover and various fan pins from early 1930s World Series. There is also a fascinating advertisement poster of a promotion for Christy Mathewson offering free pitching lessons and a toy model of Candlestick Park given to fans when the Stick opened.

The vault is a great visit since the Giants web team put behind a great series of descriptions of the provenance and background for each item. I highly recommend it.



The Giants Community Fund

The Giants Community Fund has an event schedule today described as a “conversation” and open to fans. Find out more below. It’s a great cause.