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The People Have Spoken!

Let’s begin with the Giants fandom! Here are comments from Giants fans across the web.

From Andrew Baggarly’s piece in today’s Athletic:

The unfortunate thing is, with the exception of not landing Ohtani and Yamamoto (both wanted to be Dodgers) and not being interested in Imanaga (totally blew that one), Farhan pretty much went out and got everyone else that people were clamoring for. However, not a single one of them is contributing at all with the exception of Hicks. Lee has had flashes, but isn’t consistent enough and Chapman and Soler have been struggling. Which brings us back to the one big glaring hole in this regime, which is the lack of development of a home grown bat. Not being able to develop a single reliable every day player (jury is still out on Bailey) on the offensive side is eminently a more fireable offense than not being able to sign a big FA.
-Barry F.

This team has zero stars and no one is even close. It’s just pure mediocrity up and down the lineup. Nothing that is happening should be that surprising.
-Mark S.

Chapman-“we believe we’re a good team”…Earth to Chapman, no you’re not.
-Al C.

In the series, Chapman made 3 errors, struck out 11 times, batting .154. Tied for second with most MLB errors (6). Last 4 batters in the lineup today: 0-13 with 9 strikeouts. In 4-game series sweep, Phillies stole 8 bases; Giants: 0.

The Phillies also have a hitting coach, Kevin Long, who is transforming their players up and down the lineup (ex: hitting fastballs).

Giants averaging lowest runs in majors
Second to last in run differential
Second to last in stolen bases
Good teams win more than 2 consecutive games. Don’t lose series to bad teams.
Great teams do not barely eke out a series win against the Marlins.
Need to sweep Rockies (the Marlins did).
-CM C.

“Stamina from a starting pitcher who had been on a conservative pitch limit in six Triple-A starts.” …. Just comical how people paid to know better think pitchers get stronger and better by not pitching. Pitchers as a group have never been more fragile, less productive and more injury prone, and those in charge think the answer is to pitch less and stay weak as long as possible. … Gettimg close to 3 months after the start of spring training …No excuse not to be ready to throw 100 pitches.
-Greg L.

Studies have shown that a President of Baseball Operations who never played the game and based everything on his analytics team will never win a playoff series. This ass clown should have been let go last season, yet he will be here another 3 years and continue to make excuses!! Funny how the Dodgers never missed a beat when Mr. Chuckles left, still waiting to see this farm system improve, we should give Farhan another 5 year extension for his agent signings this year.
-Jeff A.

From Yesterday’s TWG Game thread:

Nice pickup Farhan

“Entering Sunday, Soler had come to the plate with 97 runners on base and scored just four of them — a 4.1 percent success rate that ranked as the worst among 183 players who have batted with a minimum of 60 runners on base.”
-Surf Maui

The team’s logic is nonsense. Pitchers will not get better, stronger, more resilient, more durable by not pitching.. If they think otherwise, then they need better pitching coaches, because pitchers are the one group of human athletes whose performances and durability have decreased in recent decades. Stop letting teams carry so many pitchers; stop bending the rules to accommodate the power-obsessed game, which is MLBs biggest structural problem in so many ways.

After 2016 the Giants continued to chase for glory with a roster that was diminishing with each season. At some point you either have to do some serious retooling or rebuilding of your organization, and the Giants have yet to do that, imo. It’s apparent now that 2021 was an anomaly, which spurred further false hopes.

And from Grant Brisbee’s latest in The Ahtletic:

I think apathy is prob the worst thing a sports organization can inspire. And I think that’s where most SFG fans are headed, honestly.

Year after year of missing out on true big names in free agency. Development of our own “big names” is non existent outside of Webb. Lots of over promising and under delivering (Bart was supposed to hit 25 HRs per year, Luciano was supposed to be the next great IF prospect, Ramos was supposed to be a “5 tool” phenom…)

The pitching (albeit against mostly mediocre/bad teams) has been fun to watch. But there’s nothing worse than an offense like the current one. 5-6 almost guaranteed outs. How many dudes do people *legitimately* look forward to hitting? I’m sorry, I can’t bring myself to give a shit about watching Wilmer Flores hit, and what’s truly sad about that is that he was their best hitter last year.

the team is just…BORING. Full of C- to C+ players on the offensive side. Look at our lineup and tell me how many of them would be starting for teams like the Phillies, Braves, dodgers, orioles, Yankees, padres, brewers, etc….Bailey would likely start on some/most of those teams. Lee probably, on defense alone. Everyone else (esp at their current production rates- looking at Chapman and soler here) would be a bench guy at best.

Niners haven’t won a championship since I was in literal diapers, and yet I find myself being more excited about their preseason games than the Giants’ current games. Says a lot about how the Giants fumbled so badly after winning 3 in 5 not so long ago.
-Karen B.

Finally didn’t watch a game last night because it was blacked out. Felt amazing.
-Andrew T.

Now It’s My Turn!

Here are the scores from the four games the Giants played in Philly this weekend:

Friday: : Phillies 4, Giants 3
Saturday: Phillies 14, Giants 3
Sunday: Phillies 5, Giants 4
Monday: Phillies 6, Giants 1
Total: Phillies 29, Giants 11
Conclusion: Ourch! The Giants were over-matched, despite the two one-run games. The Phillies are infinitely better than the Giants. It was a mis-match on paper and on the field. In fact the series was not as close as the sweep and the scores indicated. The Giants are light years away from a team like the Phillies. The Philadelphians built a juggernaut and a potential World Series winner by developing some very good players on their own and signing big free agents in their prime with many years of talent left in them. They also were able to craft a great pitching staff and this weekend they showed why they can take on anybody in October and expect to win. Against the Giants we saw three non-competitive games (that 5-4 game saw the Giants score late in garbage time when it was already over). We saw how the Phillies veteran hitters were able to make adjustments and spank Webb, Winn and Black up and down the order. We saw much more but this is a family blog so I will quit here…

Except to say this: The Phillies have star power, lots of it and their stars shined all weekend long. The Giants? Well, maybe Logan Webb, sure, but he came up real small for the second start in a row on this dismal road trip so… you get a four-game sweep at the hands of a juggernaut. The Giants are a team built on the fly, seemingly at random with no grand plan, no strong home-grown position players (with the possible exception of Patrick Bailey) and a bunch of diappearing overpaid veterans who were brought in to win and how are having career-worst season so far. I’m looking at you Blake Snell, Matt Chapman, Jorge Soler, etc.

On Mason Black’s MLB Debut

In last night’s game Mason Black made a relatively auspicious debut. It is now common knowledge to Giants fans that the organization babies their pitchers in the Minors and limits their pitch counts to around 80 pitches per game, and sometimes less. This factoid was a major reason why Black gave up four runs in the fifth (three from a Harper dinger) Black had thrown more pitches than ever before in his brief professional career. This is inexcusable for two reasons: First, pitchers need to pitch. Limiting their pitch counts is a mistake and pitchers need to learn endurance and stamina BEFORE they hit the Major Leagues. Second, With Black’s pitch limit being the case Bob Melvin should have removed him sooner but, on the other hand the kid threw only 84 pitches and hindsight is 20/20 as they say. One thing is for sure: The Farhan Zaidi way of developing pitchers is highly questionable.

Tonight’s Game

The Giants travel on to Denver to face the Rockies at 6:40 PM. It will be Harrison versus Hudson. The Giants are in the middle of a four-game losing streak.

Happy Birthday Willie Mays!

In happier news today is Willie Mays’ 93rd birthday. What is there left to be said about Willie Mays that has not already been said? He was the greatest ballplayer ever! There will never be another as good as him. You read it here first! put together a wonderful tribute in the form of a series of articles. Here is a timeline of Willie’s career. Check out these stats! Willie Mays was an All Star 18 times! Here is a wonderful highlight film that was made a few years back for Willie’s 90th!