Greek Giant

Major League Baseball revealed today that Alyssa Nakken was formally interviewed by the Giants front office for the Managerial position. This is, of course, the first time in Major League Baseball history a woman has interviewed for the Skipper position and it is something we Giants fans should all be proud of. It appears Nakken is highly regarded by the Giants players and executives. So, Kudos. Like I already wrote, I think the Giants Manager should have some previous experience but considering where we are now, I would be open to something so outside the box that it may work so if Nakken is qualified and knows how to manage Major League players, then, go for it! It could be our Jackie Robinson moment. Nakken is the first woman to become a Major League coach when she began in 2022 to start the season.

GG’s Interview Questions for Alyssa

Here are some of the questions I am asking Alyssa if I am interviewing her and any other Managerial candidate (Note: These are ALL Trick Questions):

1 . What is your philosophy concerning pinch-hitting players and playing matchups before the 7th inning?
2.  Do you believe in established line ups for players or do you prefer line up changes? Explain.
3. How would being the first woman Manager in MLB history impact your job, if at all?
4. How would you feel being hired by a President of Baseball Operations who only has one year left on his contract?
5. How much rope do you give a struggling rookie to establish himself as an everyday player within the context of a 2024 Giants team nobody expects to contend for a ring?
6. What is the absolute ceiling in terms of wins for the 2024 Giants team as currently constructed?
7. How much of an influence, if any, has Gabe Kapler had on your coaching philosophy?
8. If you could magically add any player in the Major Leagues to the 2024 Giants roster who would it be?
9. What was the biggest weakness of the 2023 Giants team?
10. What was its biggest strength?

Other candidates we are hearing about around the MLB grapevine include Mark Hallberg, Kai Correa, and Donnie Ecker. Ron Wotus was also listed among the candidates but frankly, I don’t see that happening if Farhan Zaidi is making that decision since Wotus is Bochy’s man. Right now the money is on the Giants hiring an internal candidate. I am not sure how I feel about that, particularly since the Zaidi regime has been nothing to write home about.

Rangers Take Game 1 of the ALCS

Speaking of Bruce Bochy, his Rangers team beat the Astros in Houston 2-0 last night to take game one of the American League Championship Series. I watched the condensed game and let me tell you it was a classic Giants 2010 game. Superb starting pitching by Montgomgery; excellent, flawless defense all the way around, especially by Carter in left field; and the timely hit including a home run by an unexpected source, Tavares the center fielder. Remind you of any team? This Rangers team has not. yet lost in the postseason and their recipe for success is very National League, very Bochy.

I have been reading many articles about the Rangers since they made the postseason and following their games, and what most comes to mind is the way Bruce Bochy instructed his team from Day 1 in Spring Training that fundamentals are critical to success on the field. He also told his team, on day 1, that they could be champions. He inspires tremendous respect and confidence from his players and they in turn are coming up huge, playing their absolute best in the postseason so far. It’s been something to watch. Bochy has them playing their absolute best and as a team on baseball’s biggest stage. I hope the Giants are taking notes.

I love this from Tim Flannery!

Tonight’s Games

Tonight the Rangers play the Astros at 5:37 Eastern in Game two fo the ALCS and the Phillies host the Diamondbacks at 8:07 PM Eastern in Game 1 of the NLCS. It will be a fun baseball night. I will watch the first game, which starts at 10:37 PM, Venice time.