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Tim Lincecum received two Baseball Hall of Fame votes. That’s about the most positive thing there is to report for the 2022 results. Yesterday Davi “Big Papi” Ortiz was elected to Cooperstown, a well-deserved honor. Congratulations Big Papi.

For us Giants fans the big news is that Barry Bonds did not get in, again. Barry Lamar did receive 66% of the votes, falling short of the required 75%. That 66% is his highest finish and bodes well for an eventual election by one of the member committees down the road. I believe Barry will get in at some point. I only hope he and I live to see it.

Here are the top results of voting, released last night:

David Ortiz: 307 votes, 77.9%

Barry Bonds: 260 votes, 66% (final year on ballot)

Roger Clemens: 257 votes, 65.2% (final year on ballot)

Scott Rolen: 249 votes, 63.2%

Curt Schilling: 231 votes, 58.6% (final year on ballot)

Todd Helton: 205 votes, 52.0%

Billy Wagner: 201 votes, 51.0%

Andruw Jones: 163 votes, 41.1%

Gary Sheffield: 160 votes, 40.6%

Alex Rodriguez: 135 votes, 34.3%

Jeff Kent: 129 votes, 32.7%

Manny Ramirez: 114 votes, 28.9%

Omar Vizquel: 94 votes, 23.9%

Sammy Sosa: 73 votes, 18.5% (final year on ballot)


Barry Bonds Highlight Video

I love the interview with Krukow: “He was simply the greatest I have ever seen.”

The last words in today’s post come from David Ortiz:
“Not having them join me at this time is something that’s hard to believe, to be honest with you,” asked about Bonds and Clemens. “Those guys did it all. It is what it is, and there’s nothing I personally I can do about it.”