Greek Giant

The Giants beat the California Anaheim Los Angeles Mike Trout Angels 8-6 in Cactus League action yesterday. The boys scored four runs in the top of the fourth inning and added three in the fifth. They recorded ten hits against nine for the Angels. You can check out the box score here. Winn was the winner. The Giants did not make any errors, a big relief after the rusty glove work of their Cactus League opener against the Cubs on Saturday.

The Giants also had photo day. These are cute:

Prelander Berroa is looking amazing in Spring Training so far, for the Mariners. Alas, he was one of the players dealt to the Mariners in all those stupid trades last year. This could hurt.

Buster Posey Interview

Andrew Baggarly recently interviewed Buster Posey in Spring Training. It was enlightening and made me respect the future Hall of Famer even more. It is a must read. Here is an excerpt.

Now that you’ve been an investor and board member for a few months, how would you describe the experience in general?

I’ve enjoyed it. It’s honestly how I thought it would be: trying to be a sounding board for those people who want me to be a sounding board, and also inserting my opinion where I think it can be helpful. But I don’t want to come across like this role is anything more than it is. I’m not full time at anything right now and I don’t want to pretend I’m putting in the kind of effort to be full time. There are people working their tails off who deserve the credit — and the blame, for that matter (laughs) — for what happens on the field. It’s a fun role for me because I get to stay so connected to the team and hopefully the city that my family and I have come to love. But I get to do it in a time format that works for my young family right now.

While the investment is different than it was as a player, I can truly say my goal is to be as helpful as I can to help the Giants win another championship. When that first pitch is thrown on opening day, I think every fan base should feel like, “Hey, this could be our year, a special year, like the 2010 run or ’12 run or ’14 run.” And that’s what I hope to be part of helping to create. But let’s be realistic. It’s not going to feel like that every year. If it did, to be honest, it would be a little boring, right? You need some of the down times so you appreciate the good ones more. Some people might argue with me, but that’s how I feel about it.

World Baseball Classic Rosters

MLB announced the World Baseball Classic rosters for each time. Check them out. There is a great mix of established stars, youngsters, and players in between the spectrum. Paul Goldschmidt and Mike Trout are on Team USA. WOW!. My money is on the boys in red white and blue!