It’s not that we lost so much as how we lost. And for that matter how we won. Extremely low energy. Holes and weaknesses in the hitters were exposed. Nats pitchers, and Gibson, knew what they were doing. Maybe getting a split on the road is what you aim for against top flight teams, but bottom feeders? Too bad for the Giants. I doubt they’re happy with a split.

Half Full:

This is all true. At this point of the season a split of a six game road trip is completely acceptable, especially given two games were inter-league and we just lost Longoria for two months. Furthermore, your scenario for AZ/Philly home stand is also spot on.

The thought that because we’re playing three straight series vs. last place teams we should go 9-1 is ludicrous. It upsets the baseball spirits, and it disrespects those teams.

Every team wins/loses games they should not have won/lost. That’s baseball. Win five of nine you’re probably in the postseason.

We have issues right now. Here’s hoping they are addressed and resolved quickly.

The Box

Happy Flag Day.

There are no games scheduled today. That’s just wrong.