Johnny Black

The Giants won a huge game last night and are playing for a series win against the Diamondbacks today. It will be the fourth and final contest at home against Arizona. The Giants are 60-49 as we enter game 110. By my count, the Giants need to go 34-19 in their final 53 if they want a chance at the NL West Division title. 30-25 ought to guarantee a playoff spot in the suddenly mediocre National League. That would give the Giants 90 wins in a year that just about anybody and everybody saw as a do-over, kind of hold steady season.

Today it will be Alexander versus Pfaadt facing off on the mound.

In the “It was destined to happen” category, the Giants have announced advertisements on their jerseys for the first time in their history. I’m sure GG will have a field day with this one:

Here is today’s line up: