Greek Giant

I am in the Athens airport headed home so I will make this a short post. At some point this week I will write A LOT more about this Giants squad that finds itself with a record of 15-20. The Athletics, a team trying to lose, has a better record with a 17-18 record. How does that sit with you, Giants fans?

The clock on Zaidi’s tenure is approaching midnight.

Tonight the Giants will try to win one game out of four in Philly. They boys in orange and black have lost three in a row in the city of Brotherly love and are so far a measly 1-5 on this road trip. Ouch!

Anyway, tonight’s starters are Mason Black, making his Major League debut for the Giants and Zack Wheeler, remember him? Game time is 4:05 PM, Eastern.

A Word from Haak Away

What Giant prospects will have Breakout years in 2024?
You get a special invitation as a contact of mine outside the “TWG crowd“. I hope you find your eight prospects to follow all season that end up bringing Real Baseball into your life.
Here is “TheTevister Ballot”user friendly designed. 
All prospects are listed for you to pick from on a drop-down list.
Deadline is Willie Mays’s birthday, May 6.
Remember you can pick players for any reason:
Their hometown
Their college
Their name
You can also edit your vote/ballot anytime before the deadline.
Scoring is based on how much they Improved from last year. So any of them can win, not just the big names.
If you want details on how they are scored, write back to me.
I will only post the Top Ten so do not worry about looking bad by scoring so poorly. I will post this at the All-Star Break and at the end of the season.
Please forward this to any SFG fans you know.
The Winner will get an “avwhMyGuyButton™” (see attached).The picture of the crab and seagull was taken by the man we honor Allen Hirsch (attached). He obviously was a big Giants fan. But also, by God’s grace he would say, a good man. He died too soon and too suddenly from our perspective.