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With the 2024 offseason underway today would be a good time to provide a bit of an overview of the Rule 5 Draft What will the offseason look like for the Giants? Well, it’s a huuuuuuge question considering they just hired Bob Melvin and the ownership extended the contract of the President of Baseball Operations by two more years. discussed the opt-in situation. Dr. Lefty and I both recently gave sketched a picture of the Giants offseason. Here is Lefty’s. My  preview of the offseason was in Monday’s post.

Today I want to go over a few more arcane subjects like Rule 5 players, Minor Leaguers, and more.

You can read an interesting and somewhat sobering overview of the Giants offseason priorities/needs by Grant Brisbee in The Athletic.

Rule 5 Draft

This year’s Rule 5 Draft takes place on December 6. Melissa Lockard provided a very good preview of the Giants Rule 5 Draft.

Here is her explanation of who is eligible in the Rule 5 Draft:

Players are eligible if they are 1) not on their team’s 40-man roster and 2) experiencing their fourth Rule 5 draft if they were either 19 or older on June 5 of the year they signed their first professional contract, or experiencing their fifth Rule 5 draft if they were 18 or younger on June 5 of the year they signed their first professional contract. (CliffsNotes version: players who were 19 or older and signed in 2020 or earlier, or players who were 18 or younger and signed in 2019 or earlier, are eligible.)

Grant McCray and Aaeverson Aerteaga are two players the Giants may consider protecting. There are others and I encourage you to read the above article. The Giants moved Schmitt, Bailey and Harrison to the 40-man roster. They were 2020 draft picks.

Our Very Own Rob Deer Publishes a Book!

Yes, you read that right, Giants fans. Rob Deer, our very own indefatigable Underdog poster, is also a writer and a witty man. He just published his book and it is available on Amazon and on his website. It’s called “Letters With Hunter: Fear and Loathing on Lockdown”. It looks to be a great read. I will pick up a copy.