Greek Giant

Straight from the horse’s mouth:

Note the promotion of Taira Uematsu as Assistant Coach, to better interact with Seia Suzuki, a very promising young player from Japan that word on the street says the Giants will sign….

The coaching moves are to be expected after the departure of Donnie Ecker earlier this month.

“Mark and Taira earned these promotions through their consistent work throughout these last two seasons. Mark’s attention to detail and selflessness makes him a great fit for the third-base coaching role. Taira has been a contributing part of the Giants’ organization for many years, and he will now be able to make a larger impact in his new role as a Major League coach. His versatility and preparedness, as well as his established relationships with players and staff will make an immediate difference for us.

“We’re also excited to bring Pedro on board with our staff. He’s an excellent complement to Justin and Dustin and provides us with a way to better connect with our Spanish-speaking hitters, particularly in the dugout during games.”

-Gabe Kapler

Happy Birthday Curt Casali, the best backup catcher in the game: