Greek Giant

Yes, I know it’s a sarcastic headline but you cannot blame me for getting greedy. I really wanted the rare four-game sweep against the Cubs. Chicago is one of those annoying teams, probably because their fans are so annoying. Don’t get me wrong. I love the city of Chicago but the Cubs, ever since 2016 and that feeling of entitlement the media and the fans had about that team they have always rubbed me the VERY wrong way. It is interesting to note how everybody was ready to proclaim the 2016 World Series Champs a dynasty when they barely eeked out a win in the seventh game against the Indians. They only reason they one that series is because Cleveland was missing their two best starting pitchers. Ever since, the whispers of a dynasty disappeared into the winds of the windy city faster than you can sing “Go Cubs, Go”. Javier Baez aged badly. Same with Anthony Rizzo. Jon Lester never repeated that season. Addison Russel flamed out of baseball for personal reasons. Kris Bryant went from future Hall of Famer to soon-to-be-out-of baseball, thanks in no small part to a wrist injury that he never fully recovered from. Ironically, the one player the Cubs should have held on to, Kyle “The Babe” Schwarber, is still awesome and working his magic with the Phillies.

Yeah, I kind of hate the Cubs.

Anyway, the Giants lost 5-3 yesterday in ten innings, in a very tough game. I have a huge plate on my agenda today so I will make this recap short by saying the Giants were not very good offensively yesterday against Cubs starter Imanaga, until their three-run sixth inning. Jordan Hicks pitched just well enough to lose, going five innings and allowing three runs, all of which came in the top of the second inning. The Giants used six pitchers. Luke Jackson gave up the winning runs in the top of the tenth inning. There were really no Giant Highlights. The Giants ended up taking three of four from the Cubbies so we can all live with that result.

The Giants now have a record of 39-43, good for a solid fourth place location in the NL West. Yeah, this season is going about how we all figured it would…

Now it’s on to play the Dodgers.

Tonight’s Game

The Dodgers come to San Francisco for a three-game series beginning tonight at 7:15 PM. The pitching matchup is listed as Knack Vs. Webb.