Greek Giant

In a few years time we might remember this there-game sweep at the hands of a surging Cubs team in Chicago as the beginning of the end of the Zaidi regime. We will remember it also as the end of the road for the 2023 Giants squad that had postseason aspirations as little as a few days ago. With their 8-2 drubbing, another ho-hum ass-kicking with Alex Wood making a rare start and looking bad in the process, the Giants have reached the point where we no longer believe they are a legitimate playoff contender. I would go even further and say it’s time to start over with the ownership and the GM but I will save that lengthy post for after the season.

Here are some numbers to help you illustrate why I have the “Playoffs?!!, Playoffs???!!! Jim Mora attitude this morning:

  1. The Giants are now 8-20 in their last 28 games.
  2. The Giants have lost six in a row.
  3. In this six game losing streak they have been outscored 41-14.
  4. Since the first game of 2022 the Giants are exactly a .500 team!
  5. The Giants are now 70-70 for the season and 3-7 in their last ten.

Giants ownership says “You will take your mediocrity and you will like it”.

Not me. Mediocrity is for losers.

This series in Chicago is the tipping point for me. It’s the series that says 2023 is over. It’s the series that may make Rob Manfred re-consider his expanded playoffs. It’s also the series where we can see the spirit, the life of this Giants squad, completely vanishing before our eyes.

You want a reference for what a great General Manager looks like? Take a look at what the Orioles have done. Take a loot at this smoking hot Cubs team and read this from today’s MLB game recap:

There is a pile of pitching prospects on the horizon, too.

“Big picture, I think it’s really nice for, one, the front office,” manager David Ross said. “[You see] the hard work of player development and scouting in the Draft. All those little things that I don’t think get talked about enough, but when you sit in my seat you really see how important they are, and the depth.

“And when you need pieces, to be able to call on a young man that you feel like can maybe help. They have to go and do it, but we’ve had a couple — the Assads and the Wickses — come up and fill in and pitch meaningful innings in this moment, a big moment in this organization, pushing towards a playoff spot.”

Before coming to the Cubs this year, center fielder Cody Bellinger saw how the Dodgers operated over a prolonged period of success. He has been impressed by how the North Siders have developed arms to help fill in spots in the rotation and bullpen throughout this season.

“I’m seeing it here,” Bellinger said. “There’s a physical component and a mental component, and the guys that we’re bringing up seem to have what it takes. Obviously I didn’t come up in this organization, but credit to the player development. These guys seem ready to play from the jump.”

Ummm, I see none of this for the Giants, with the possible exception of a Kyle Harrison, and he’s still unproven.

The Giants are off today.

I wish I could say the same.