Johnny Black

No Weekend Wrap today. The Giants just lost their sixth game in a row. This time it was a life-less 5-1 defeat in Detroit, a make up game for a previous rain out. I don’t know what to say and I sure as hell am not going to recap a game in which the Giants recorded six hits and the Tigers 12. Let’s take a look at a few numbers. The Giants have scored a grand total of nine runs in that six-game losing streak. That’s beyond putrid. July is beginning to melt the Giants swagger faster than you can say “popsickle”. Forget about frying an egg on the pavement. The eggs the Giants are laying on this road trip after winning the first five games could easily feed the Golden State Warriors.

The Keyword for July is “Putrid”

While I do not post on the blog as much as most of you I do read the comments. For the past few days the theme of the comments has been “putrid”.  It’s a good word to describe this team right now and no, injuries cannot be the sole cause of getting swept by the Nationals and thumped by the Tigers a day later. We are talking about two teams gong nowhere this season with a collective record of around 30 games under .500 or thereabouts.

What the hell is going?

Here you go, by the numbers, courtesy of 3RDnKing:

The Giants in July have

THE WORST SLG% at .339
THE WORST RUNS SCORED at 85(3.5 Runs per game average for 24 games)

The Second worst OBP at .287 only Royals are worse

Putrid = Donnie Walton circa 2022 .158 or around the Mendoza line
Putrid = Crawford 2023 .207 July .121
Putrid = JD Davis July .196
Putrid – KC Schitt 2023 June .140 July .079
Putrid = Wisely 2023 batting .187 and .160 for July
Putrid = Bailey batting July .125
Putrid = Yaz batting July .103
Putrid = Pederson July .140 LHP 0.125(known bad)
Putrid = Slater July .167
Putrid = Villar 2023 .167 July .000

Stenchy = Conforto = .217 agains LHP

Smells like Roses = Sabol July .323
Smells like Roses = Matos July .318

The Giants are now 8-10 so far this July. There is no sign that help is on the way and with the trade deadline a week away I think the Giants can no longer realistically consider themselves contenders. Yes, they are in the Wild Card hunt. Yes, they are still 54-47 and 4.5 games behind the Dodgers in the National League West. Yes, they have players coming back that may help. But let’s get real here, Giants fans. Does anyone think this team, even with a healthy roster, can go beyond a Wild Card win or maybe one series win in the postseason?

I mean, really?!

So, with that said, my vote is for a wise, slow and gradual selling off of expendable parts of this 2023 Giants machine. For God’s sake give away Stripling, Manaea and Wood and let’s deal Joc and maybe J. D. Davis for some real young arms. It’s past time to pretend this Giants team can compete with the likes of the Braves and Dodgers in the postseason. I know, they just had two winning streaks but have you seen the starting rotation? Do you think these games pitched entirely by bullpens can beat the elite clubs in October? I don’t think so!

Let’s continue the rebuild and give Farhan another year or two. He has earned that. Same for Gabe Kapler. I was a bit of a skeptic at first but now I feel there is optimism with this front office.

Let’s stop the pipe dreams about Shohei Ohtani coming to SF. It’ ain’t happening.

Let’s develop or own players and trade for solid young players. Let’s deal the the pieces that have any value for the future. For God’s sake, let’s go back to developing starting pitchers. Let’s convert Ryan Walker to a starter. Let’s leverage that great bullpen for a young prospect. It says here the Giants deal anyone and anything not named Logan Webb and Camilo Doval. PERIOD!

Happy Birthday Barry!