Greek Giant

PNC Park in Pittsburgh is one of the greatest MLB stadiums. It’s a gem everywhere you sit. The views of downtown Pittsburgh from the seats are splendid in the evenings. The walk across the Roberto Clemente Bridge feels like a pilgrimage of sorts. You get your booze, your fun food and you wear your team’s gear in a pre-game party with friends downtown. Then you walk across the Allegheny River to the beautiful limestone and yellow steel park right by the statues of Pirate greats Stargell and Clemente. It’s a wonderful experience. I have had the privilege of seeing my share of Giants-Pirates games in Pittsburgh over the years thanks to my history of living in the Three Rivers City for seven years as a grad student. I made many friends there and it’s a great sports town.

Unfortunately for the good folks of Pittsburgh, the ownership of the Pirates is simply abysmal, in the worst way. They use their team as a cash register and make zero effort to be competitive. When the Pirates were dazzling with an outfield of Cutch, Polanco and Marte they had a very good team and threatened to go deep into the postseason. But those mid 2010s teams never made it over the hump and were dismantled unceremoniously.

The Giants-Pirates Trades: A Lopsided History In Favor of SF

The Giants have a memorable history of trades with the Pirates. Nearly every one of them was lopsided in favor of the Giants. How about Bowker and Martinez for Javy Lopez in 2010? Or Tim Alderson for Freddy Sanchez in 2009? Matt Morris for Rajai Davis in 2007. How about Rios and Vogelsong for Jason Schmidt and John Van der Wal in 2001? Then the Pirates gave up on Vogelsong who then came back to San Francisco to glory. You see what I mean?

Well the Giants have not won a series in Pittsburgh since 2016 and they have not played well there as a rule.

The Pitching Matchups

This weekend series see them starting with Carlos Rodon on Friday night facing Zach Thompson. First pitch is at 7:05 PM.

Saturday’s game will feature Alex Wood against Jose Quintana with the game scheduled for 4:05 PM.

Sunday’s series finale has Alex Cobb scheduled to face Mitch Keller at 1:35 PM.

The Pirates enter the series with a record of 25-37, 10 games behind the Cardinals in the National League Central Division. The Bucs have lost nine of their last ten games.

Bravo Giants

Congratulations to the Warriors! What a Dynasty Indeed!