Greek Giant

Tonight the Giants begin a three-game series against the Texas Rangers. Ever since the Texans hired Bruce Bochy I was super intrigued at the thought of what magic Bochy might pull off in his last hurrah as a Manager. Bochy is a saint for all Giants fans, I don’t care who you are. His golden touch with the pitching staff and the veterans led to three rings, each of them improbable in their own way. In that time, in each of the post-season series in 2010, 2012 and 2014 the Giants were underdogs. The Giants also won ten postseason games in a row, nearly an MLB record. That 2010 Rangers team was absolutely absurdly good. Their line up was stacked and their pitching rotation was quite good. But they didn’t have Tim Lincecum and Matt cain!

The 2023 Rangers are an interesting case study and the rare example of a team that spent huuuuuge money on free agents and is benefitting from it. Corey Seager and Marcus Semian are simply stellar. I am sure the Dodgers regret not re-signing their former shortstop. The Texas Team made a fantastic deadline acquisition in Max Scherzer that has already paid off. Despite the season and perhaps career-ending injuries to Jacob deGrom, the Rangers are built to win now.

The Texans come into the series with a record of 66-47 and are 2.5 games ahead of the Astros.

The Giants just lost a series to the Angels and got swept by the Athletics. Our boys are having trouble treading water in the pennant race. When you consider their two-man starting rotation and seven-weeks long offensive woes, it’s kind of a miracle they have their 62-53 record and are in second place in the National League West. The brutal truth, however, is that the Giants are now 6.5 games behind Los Angeles and highly unlikely to catch them as the Dodgers have now separated themselves from the pack.

The Pitching Matchups

Tonight: Scott Alexander vs Jon Gray, 7:15 PM
Saturday: Alex Cobb vs Andrew Heaney, 6:05 PM
Sunday: Logan Webb vs Dane Dunning, 4:05 PM

Happy Friday everyone. Go Giants!