Greek Giant

Tonight at 3:50 PM Pacific the Giants begin a three-game series against the Tampa Bay Rays in St. Petersburg. Tonight’s pitching matchup is listed as Keaton Winn for the Giants versus TBD, a mainstay in the Rays rotation that is heavy on using relievers to start. For those of you watching at home the “TBD” means “to be determined” and is a Bush League way of trying to get an edge over your opponent by not listing the starting pitcher until that last moment.

Saturday’s game is scheduled for 1:10 PM Pacific with Webb vs TBD. Sunday’s game at is scheduled for 10:40 PM Pacific with Blake Snell making his second start as a Giant, also against TBD.

The Rays are 7-6 and lead by Isaac Paredes’s four homers in this early season. Brandon Lowe is on the IL but this is a very athletic and fun team to watch. They will challenge the Orioles and the Yankees for the American League East title, count on it.

As for the Giants, well let’s say they have underwhelmed so far, posting a record of 5-8.