Greek Giant

Heliot Does it Again

The Giants lost to the Brewers 13-7 in a Cactus League game yesterday. Alex Wood started and gave up one run on three hits in two innings. The highlight of the game however was the mashing of a baseball by one Heliot Ramos who hit a tape measure bomb in the top of the ninth. The ball was hit so high and so deep that the television cameras had a hard time following its orbit around the Milky Way and its destination to Alpha Centauri:


Duggar Goes Yard

Steven Duggar (remember him) hit an opposite field homer as well. Duggar, the former heir apprentice to Angel Pagan and then Denard Span in center field, has had a troublesome start to his MLB career with far too many injuries despite flashes of success at the plate and a steady sterling display of defense in the outfield. He appears to be one of those Ancien Regime (Sabean Era) players on the cusp of making the 40-man roster or on the verge of being jettisoned to another organization. There were a number of interesting comments in our thread yesterday about Duggar.

Here is a beautiful play by Will Wilson:

Here is you Giants Spring Training Box for Yesterday’s Game: