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First the good news: The Giants won a thriller yesterday afternoon, beating the Reds in ten innings, 6-5 at Willie Mays Field to take the three-game series against a very good Cincinnati team. The big hit came off the bat of Casey Schmitt in the form of a double with two outs and an 0-2 count in the bottom of the tenth with a runner on second. That double came off a 96 MPH high and tight fastball that Schmitt muscled into power alley. It was a strong piece of hitting and it was also Schmitt’s first hit of the year after being called up a few days back.

The bad news: The Giants have suffered an extensive amount of injuries of late. In yesterday’s game Jung Hoo Lee separated his shoulder in the top of the first inning in a valiant effort to catch up a ball that hit off the top of the fence and came back into play to score three runs off Kyle Harrison with two outs. Lee ran a mile and ran hard, leaping into the fence with his left arm (glove hand) fully extended. As he crashed into the fence his elbow was jammed and his shoulder was separated. It’s a tough injury for many reasons. Notably because Lee is a very good center fielder and it is likely that he will need surgery to repair the shoulder. It is also likely he will miss the rest of the season and there is no guarantee that he will recover fully once the surgery is completed and he returns to play. These are all, admittedly, worst-case scenarios but the way things are going so far with injuries to Soler, Snell, Bailey and others in the span of barely ten days, it’s hard to remain optimistic.

There is a bright side to all these injuries, however. As they say in life and in baseball: “One man’s misfortune is another’s opportunity.” With all the injuries Heliot Ramos and Casey Schmitt have been called up and been given opportunities to shine and shine they have. Yesterday in addition to Schmitt’s heroics, Heliot Ramos went 2-5 and drove in a run. He has looked much more confident at the plate. These two young kids might be playing without the pressure of having to prove themselves and that’s how you succeed in baseball.

Let’s get back to yesterday’s game. Kyle Harrison had a very rocky first couple innings. In the first he hit the first batter he faced, walked two and suffered a three-run spot on that hit off the very top of the fence that caused Lee’s injury. It came off the bat of Jeimer Candelario, a very good young player. In fact the Reds are a very interesting team with more than a few exciting young players.

Despite that rought start to the game those three runs would be the only scores surrendered by Harrison who would grind through four more innings and allow only three its. He would give up five walks overall and strike out five Reds.

The Giants would get back in the game with a big, five-run bottom of the fifth inning after being mostly shut down by Reds starter Frankie Montas. Montas has some meanness in his game. I like his presence and his aggression with the fastball. But the hometown gang would rally in the bottom of the fifth with a Fitzgerald double, a Chapman single that drove Tyler in and then a La Monte Wade Jr. homer down the right field line on a high 96 MPH fastball.

It was muscled out to tie the game at three runs each. But the Giants were not finished with the rally. Wilmer Flores hit a bloop single and advanced on a Wild Pitch with a very good read on the play. It was an example of a runner who, shall I say, is not very fast, using his base-running skills to great effect. It was a big play because Heliot Ramos then singled Wilmer in to give the Giants a 4-3 lead.

Blake Sabol singled later in the inning and came all the way around to score from first on a throwing error by Reds shortstop Elly De La Cruz on a slow roller by Heliot Ramos. That made it 5-3.

The Reds would rally to tie the game and send it to extras setting the stage for Case Schmitt’s big bash.


If I were the Giants GM (I’m sure some of you cringe at the thought) I would never have signed Soler or Chapman or Ahmed. I would have begun the season with Ramos, Luciano and Schmitt playing every day. I would have not jettisoned Joey Bart and I would have told the kids: “It’s your time to shine. Let it rip!” In the worst case scenario they would have all failed and the Giants would have had a bad season and been in position for a good draft pick with at least some development for the young players. I, as a fan could live with that scenario because I want to commit to my Giants players and I want to root for homegrown young guys. I’m tired of the re-treads, opt-out contracts and stopgap measures. The Giants are in need of a complete commitment to youth and a re-build from the ground up. The half-measures for the past six seasons have failed and it’s time to re-think the entire approach to this team and its roster.

There! I said it!

Tonight’s Game

The Dodgers come into town tonight and send Gavin Stone to the mound. He will face Jordan Hicks. Fist pitch is scheduled for 6:45 PM.

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