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MLB Schedules Off Days When They Shouldn’t

I could write lots about yesterday’s 7-3 loss at the hands of the White Sox the Giants suffered in Chicago. But I prefer to get into the stupidity of the MLB scheduling. The Giants had to play the second game of the series after an off day that took place after the first game of the series, for the second straight series (the other occurrence was in the Bronx versus the Yankees) to start the season. Having off days like this is unprecedented and simply idiotic. There is no rationale for it. Apart from the fact that two off days in the first week of the season is a waste for the Giants, they had to regain momentum after clobbering seven homers and trouncing the pale hose 12-3 in the first game of the series on Monday.

I have no idea why MLB did this and I am sure they have a patented, canned and idiotic response. If you want to use the rationale of having a free day in case of rain or snow that cancels a game, well then those off days should take place at the end of the series, not in the middle of them!

Logan Webb Loses Second In a Row

Excuses and off days aside, the Giants were a bit strange in their loss. Logan Webb has now had two defeats in a row to start the season. It’s not that he was terrible yesterday, it’s that, like in the Opening Day game against the Yankees, he can dominate one inning then give up inopportune hard contact. He gave up two runs in the first inning with two outs, beginning with Andrew Vaughn’s opposite field double on a changeup that appeared to be exactly the pitch the White Soxer was looking for. He guess right and he did not miss it.

Then Webb was tagged for two more runs in the bottom of the fifth. He surrendered nine hits in all during his five innings of work to go with those four runs. That’s more than we usually see against Logan but let’s remember too that the White Sox have a talented line up. It may be the cold weather or it may be early season rust but the first two starts for Webb have not gone well. The key for him may be changing speeds a bit more as his fastball and sinker/splitter appear to be too similar in velocity.

The Giant Runs

The Giants scored in the bottom of the second inning off J. D. Davis’s first home run of the season, an opposite field blast to right. That hit came off a curve ball that was belt high on the outside corner. Davis waited patiently and muscled it just inside the right field foul pole. It was not hit particularly beautifully but the result showed you how J. D. has some mean strength in his swing. It was also a great example of a power hitter going the other way. Davis should be in the line up every day. Ditto Estrada. Ditto Villar.

The Giants then scored two runs, too little, too late unfortunately, in the top of the ninth when Joc Pederson hit a two-run double. Pederson also hit a single that sailed through the first baseman’s mitt because it was hit so hard, or the first baseman had a faulty mitt. I will choose the former reason.

The key at bat of the game came with the bases loaded and two outs in the top of the seventh inning when Joc Pederson could have put the Giants ahead in a 4-1 game. But he would strike out on a fastball, which was the story of the day in general for the Giant bats. They could not hit the fastball, particularly those thrown by White Sox starter Dylan Cease, he had a sneaky fast heater that weaved in and out and seemed to catch the Giants off-guard all day.

In the game the Giants were granted or worked, depending on how you look at it, nine walks! The problem, however, was the grand total of four hits and those horrendous 13 strikeouts. You just cannot be a winning team when you strike out 10-15 times a game, every game. It’s just not possible and Mr. Zaidi and co. need to fix this asap. This style of American League, all-or-nothing hitting will not produce a World Series championship and likely not even a .500 record with a questionable bottom of the order pitching staff relying on team defense that is likely not in the upper echelons of the Major Leagues.

Tim Anderson K’s, Squaks and Gets Tossed

There was an interesting at bat and incident in the bottom of the the third inning when Tim Anderson was called out on strikes after asking for time out from the home plate umpire, and not receiving it. He had already received a time out earlier in the at bat and was not allowed a second, as per the new rules. He first complained to the ump upon striking out, then started yelling at Logan Webb, who promptly told the Chicagoan to “Shut the F^ck Up!” as he should. Bravo Logan. The ump then tossed Anderson, who was whining about being quick-pitched, when he most certainly was not.

Today’s Game

Today’s game, the decisive contest in the series, will begin at 1:10 PM, Windy City time. It will be Alex Wood making his first start of the year, against Lance Lynn of the White Sox.