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2023 MVPs

To absolutely nobody’s surprise Shohei Ohtan, American League, and Ronald Acuna Jr, National League, won the 2023 MVP Awards. The awards were announced yesterday by MLB. Both players had historically brilliant seasons. Both choices were easy and both were unanimous choices! Congratulations to both players. They would look fantastic in a Giants uniform!

New Rule Changes

Ken Rosenthal in The Athletic is reporting that MLB is considering even more rule changes. Here is a list of potential new rules that were outlined in a document obtained by The Ahtletic:

  • Reducing the pitch clock from 20 seconds to 18 seconds with runners on base
  • Pitchers who warm up before an inning will be required to face at least one batter (no more pitching changes to start an inning)
  • Pitchers must pitch from the stretch with runners on base
  • No circumventing the pitch clock (Pitchers and Catchers are finding ways to do this (eg., tying shoe laces)
  • Reducing mound visits from five to four per game (evidently fans hate mound visits)
  • No more blocking of bases by fielders as runners slide in

I like all these rule change proposals. They speed up the game and eliminate stupid delays. Many pitchers and coaches are against the reduced time between pitches claiming it increases risk of injury but the truth is that there has been no evidence of this. I am sure some will complain about the requirement to pitch out of the stretch and I don’t know why MLB is proposing this one. But, it is probably a way to keep the action going.

Fan Survey

The Athletic has just published a new Fan Survey regarding Major League Baseball. I am going to take it later today

I have no Giants news other than nonsense free agent speculation and frankly, that bores me.

GG out!