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Opening Day is set for April 7! Spring Training to begin immediately! That’s all you need to know about the new collective bargaining agreement. For the baseball nerds here are a few details:

  • Agreement Covers 2022 – 2026 seasons
  • The vote was 26-12 in favor with all members of the Executive Players Committee voting “NO”
  • There will be a pre-arbitration bonus pool allotment of $50 million
  • The minimum salary is now $700,000 and will rise to $780,000 in five years
  • The luxury tax threshold is raised to $230 million and will go to $244 million in five years
  • There will be a DH in the NL
  • The draft will be 20 rounds
  • 12-team playoffs
  • There will be advertising on uniforms (I will probably never watch another MLB game because of this one)

There is still some negotiation about draft pick compensation (QO) and there will be more rules changes including the banning of shifts, larger bases (weird) and an expanded playoffs.

So yes, there will be baseball very soon. But YUCK, some of the rule changes are weird and stupid. We can debate the DH in the NL but it was inevitable, no matter where you stand on this issue. The commercialization of the game even more with the advertising on uniforms and the expanded playoffs are, in my mind, the most egregious mistakes in the agreement. They cheapen the game and they trample on the history and integrity of the regular season.

If more teams make the playoffs it means more teams, in theory, will be incentivized to win but I do not see it that way. It will most likely. mean more mediocre clubs play in October and crumble quickly. Division championships are now more or less meaningless.

If nothing else, this was a compromise agreement but the players gave a lot here.

Larry says:

Consider my feelings mixed!