Greek Giant

Once agin the TWG faithful come through with pithy and witty comments to describe last night’s 8-4 loss to the Arizona Diamondbacks that dug the Giants into a deeper hole when it comes to the last Wild Card spot in the National League.

Take it away gang:

109 errors, worst in the sport, 10 more than the next team. How they could have so many and still be sooo awful at the plate is amazing. Wouldn’t it have been smart to have high quality defenders as back ups? Are they really so hard to find?

-22s Sweet Swing

If the Giants go down 1, 2, 3 then Estrada who has been on base three times will be the only position in the order to not get 4 plate appearances. But the Crawford Dejong portion of the order will get 4 ABs. Cancel Kaidi and bring in a new team year.


I saw the discussion below about the absurdity of batting Estrada 9th. It’s interesting that Kapler does that, I recall at the beginning of the season, the morning guys on the radio asked him to name one player who the fans should come out to see, and his answer was Estrada.


Kind of ironic that the advertiser patch for an over managed team is a driverless car service.


Feels like much of the weaknesses are being exposed. AZ showing superior speed. Our defense is rough. Our hitting remains oddly guess oriented.


No team strikes out looking in more key situations than your 2023 San Francisco Giants

-Rookies Gone Wild

That’s the philosophy that I think has to be evaluated and changed this offseason. Gabe has the power to change it. Probably requires changing one or both hitting coaches but either way we shall see if he is introspective enough to see that weakness. To me this is the biggest area for improvement especially since the mlb staff has a hand in finishing player development with all these rookies arriving and so many hit big skids at the level.


If they make a couple shrewd signings, make trades that add a legitimate major leaguer or two to the club (something Farhan has really only done once with Kris Bryant and Tony Watson at the 2021 deadline), change up the hitting coaches and maybe loosen the adherence to the hitting philosophy, and some of the young players make the year two steps forward that you see out of young players that become legitimate major leaguers, then yes, i believe they can be better next season.

The hitting coach thing is biggest for me. It’s clear something is broken there. How they respond to that after this season will show me if they can be introspective enough to self evaluate and improve, or if they are too stubborn and hard headed to do so.

-Frank Novak

There is always the question: If we change the regime, will fans be patient with a “rebuild”? Well, since the idea is to just go into next season with status quo….you damn right I would prefer a rebuild, reset, upheaval. I was thrilled when the Niners landed on Kyle and John, and was fine with that 0-10 start. Why? Hope. There was hope. There was change.

-Rookies Gone Wild

I could go on but you get the picture. Last night’s game was a terrible failure in defense, managing (batting Estrada 9th?) and starting pitching. No more excuses people!

The Giants are now 76-75. As for the Wild Card race.. Are you kidding me?

Tonight’s Game

It will be Logan Webb against Merrill Kelly. Game time is 6:40 PM.