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The Matt Chapman Deal

From a relatively quiet week to “Welcome to the Giants Matt Chapman”! There is much to write and talk about in Giants Nation, Ladies and gentlemen. Let’s begin with the Matt Chapman acquisition. As Dr. Lefty deftly summarized in her Out of Left Field post on Sunday, the Chapman deal is good for the Giants for a number of reasons even though it does come at the cost of a second-round draft pick. I was on the fence about the move because I thought it would cost too much to acquire the Platinum Glove third baseman and former Blue Jay. It turns out Farhan Zaidi and the Free Agent market got the last laugh on “superagent” Scott Boras. By signing Chapman to a three-year, $54 million contract, the Giants made their team better both defensively and offensively. In the process they did not have to break the bank to do it. Don’t get me wrong, $54 million is not chump change by any means however neither is it the six-years, $125 million that the Blue Jays offered Chapman last season.

It turns out Chapman and Boras (mostly Boras) overestimated their value and over-played their hand. With opt outs after year two and year one of the Giants contract, the Giants and Zaidi made the team better without a long-term financial risk. As I mentioned the Chapman signing will cost the Giants a second round draft pick however and that’s no small thing for a team trying to rebuild.

One of the reasons I was on the fence about Chapman who will be 31 this year, is that he is on the decline from an offensive standpoint. With the cost of a draft pick, the Giants are stuck in midstream trying to rebuild and trying to compete at the same time. I’m not sure it’s the wise move down the road but if Chapman hits a series-winning homer in the postseason or makes a play that saves a playoff win then, hey, I’m ok with it.

There is another factor here: Club Chemistry. Yes, it’s real and it matters. It became public knowledge after the Chapman deal that Bob Melvin privately lobbied for Farhan Zaidi to acquire Chapman from day one. Melvin, of course knew Chapman from Oakland and raves about his team leadership skills, his influence in the clubhouse and his overall professionalism, ingredients that were woefully lacking on the Giants once Buster Posey retired.

Where Does This Leave J. D. Davis?

The conventional wisdom is that J. D. Davis will be traded now that third base is manned by Chapman. I think that’s a strong possibility but I am surprised nobody is writing about another scenario: Davis playing first base in a platoon with LaMonte Wade Jr. and Wilmer Flores being traded. It could happen and it makes sense.

What is Casey Schmitt’s Future?

Overlooked in the hullabaloo of the Matt Chapman acquisition is Casey Schmitt. The once-promising infielder with the golden hands struggled in his big league debut last season and it is safe to say his stock is not rising within the Giants organization. The Chapman deal makes it clear the Giants do not have confidence in Schmitt to make the Major League roster and to hit enough to justify him playing, even as a backup. It all adds up to disappointment for the Giants young player.

Yesterday’s Game

In yesterday’s Cactus League game the Giants lost 12-10 to the Colorado Rockies. It was a sloppy game for our boys with the bright side being J. D. Davis’s two hits and two RBIs and two runs driven in by Pinder. Brett Wisely had two hits as well.

Spring Training Moves

Yesterday the Giants announced some roster moves. Outfielder Grant McCray, catcher Adrián Sugastey and catcher Andy Thomas reassigned to Minor League camp.

Today’s Cactus League Game

In today’s Cactus League Game the Giants host the Brewers at 12:05 PM, Pacific. It will be Junis versus Webb.