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Au Revoir J.D.!

I awoke to the shocking news, yes it is shocking, that the Giants released J. D. Davis yesterday after failing to find interested parties for a potential trade. The technical term is “unconditional release waivers”. Why am I shocked? Well, let’s start with the fact that J. D. Davis is a good, solid ballplayer and by all accounts, a good teammate. Here is Farhan Zaidi on the move:

“We did spend last week kind of canvassing the league for trade interest and didn’t really get a lot of traction there. As soon as we got the word that he went unclaimed on outright waivers, we just decided to make this move. It just kind of boils down to [his] role, some other guys on the team that we would have ahead of J.D. in terms of at-bats. If we had a 28- or a 30-man roster and we could keep everybody, because we know that the 162-game season winds up being a battle of attrition, that would be a different matter. But given the reality of our roster constraints, this was just the move we decided to make.”

The Giants will owe Davis a form of severance pay totalling $1.1 million. I am shocked because, I, like every other Giants fan, had visions of a trade for Davis involving some form of return in prospects or a player who could hep the Giants in the near or mid-term. I was not expecting Davis’s value to be nil in the eyes of the rest of MLB. Boy was I wrong. I must say this frankly smells a bit like collusion on the part of the other teams. Who knows? Once the Giants had signed Matt Chapman they were dealing from a position of weakness regarding any potential trade for J. D. Davis. The rest of the league saw it and chose not to give up anything for a player they may be able to claim on waivers.


Davis has had a strange career arc and is one of those players who is at best a role/bench player and played largely very well for the Giants. I am wondering if his body is breaking down or he is suffering from some physical issues that the rest of MLB is aware of. He did admit to struggling physically for the second half of last season, which helps explain his slump.

Here is Alex Cobb on Davis:

“J.D. is a wonderful teammate. He brought a lot of character to the clubhouse. Dry, witty humor. Played tremendously for us last year. Looked to potentially be almost an All-Star at the break. Stepped up every aspect of his game. He played fantastic defense for us. He hit the ball hard. That’s a tough situation to see happen to anybody, especially such a good teammate and just a good person overall. I hope he gets what he deserves out in free agency.”

Alex Cobb’s Recovery

Speaking of Alex Cobb, in October he underwent his second hip surgery and was expected to miss six months or more before returning to the mound for the Giants. But yesterday he threw his first live BP and said he felt great. His command, velocity and stamina were all pretty good and everyone on the Giants is thrilled. It turns out he is way ahead of schedule and will actually pitch in a Cactus League game at some point. Bob Melvin echoed the optimism on Cobb’s recovery:

“It’s been unbelievable to watch him throw, and now it’s going to be live. It looks like he’s game ready, it’s pretty remarkable.”

With Cobb’s speedy recovery the word on the street is the Giants have less of a need for signing Blake Snell. The boys in orange and black are also contemplating adding Mason Black into the rotation mix at some point. The team has a couple of solid prospects just about Major League ready, according to my sources.

Giants Beat Royals in Cactus League Play

The Giants beat the Royals 12-9  in Cactus League action yesterday. Joey Bart had three hits. David Villar and Casey Schmitt homered. Tyler Fitzgerald hit leadoff and had two hits. Logan Webb started and pitched three and 1/3 innings allowing nine hits and five runs. Sounds about right for the Giants ace who likes to get his bad starts out his system in Spring Training. I’m ok with that.

Today’s Spring Training Game

The Giants play the Dodgers at today 1:05 PM. The pitchers are listed as Enlow Vs Glasnow.