Greek Giant

The Giants lost a tune-up game to the Athletics, 12-6. Yesterday’s game was the last Spring Training contest before the season begins on Thursday in Yankee Stadium for the boys in orange and black. It was also Sergio Romo’s final appearance in a Major League uniform. Romo’s walk to the bullpen was greeted with an ovation by the crowd at Willie Mays Field:

“To … try to accept the fact that this is something that a lot of people felt that I deserved — it’s mind-blowing to me. I’m still kind of struggling with that. The reception I got just running out to the bullpen, the reception I got running out on the mound, walking off.

“It’s hard to not think that it’s a dream, but very fitting way to walk out, very fitting to find some closure in what literally is for me … a storybook career.”

-Sergio Romo

Sergio did this before the game and it is awesome!

Bravo Sergio!

Here is Posey on that magical pitch to end the 2012 World Series:

“I put slider down; he shook. I put slider down again; he shook. So I put fastball down.”

That quote is from Andrew Baggarly’s sensational profile of Sergio Romo’s career in The Athletic. Pay for a subscription. It’s worth it for this article. In it you will find absolutely priceless quotes and stories from Hunter Pence, the aforementioned Buster, Dave Righetti and Brian Wilson.

Back to the game:

Ross Stripling was hit hard, surrendering nine runs on eleven hits over five innings. That’s not a good way to prepare for the season, Ross!

Proctor went 2-2 with three ribeyes.

Spring Training is too long. I vote we reduce it by two weeks.

2023 Season Preview

I will publish my 2023 season preview tomorrow. Get ready.

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