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The Giants Starting Rotation Is In Dire Straits

With the news that Tristan Beck suffered an aneurysm in his pitching arm, the situation for the Giants starting rotation turns more dire every day. It was already bad at the going into Spring Training. The Giants are now in a position of desperation and, guess what? There happens to be a guy named Blake Snell still available on the free agent market! So too for Jordan Montgomery but I am not high on him. His pitching is a bit smoke and mirrors and I would not give him a long-term contract. Snell is the man for the Giants. It’s time for The Giants and Zaidi to pony up and pay the man or get new ownership because the status quo will not work!

The Chronicle’s Dave Tobener said it best:

This Giants front office has shown no inkling of giving any free-agent pitcher a long-term, big-money deal, which seems to be an edict from on high after the Johnny Cueto and Jeff Samardzija contracts blew up in their faces (The Chronicle and SFGATE are both owned by Hearst but have separate newsrooms). They let Kevin Gausman walk after two dominant years, and that looks like a mistake. They’ve tried replicating the Gausman success with guys like Ross Stripling and Anthony DeSclafani to no success. They extended Webb, but that doesn’t really count since he’s a homegrown player.

Snell or Montgomery (preferably and, but I’ll be realistic here) would help immensely, and a rotation with a top three of one of them, Webb and Kyle Harrison could make just enough noise to keep the Giants in the hunt until Ray and Cobb are healthy.

Signing one of them would be such a change in philosophy from Zaidi, though, it’s hard to see it actually happening. It’s the stubbornness that was mentioned earlier. For better or worse, this front office clearly does not feel comfortable committing money and years to pitchers creeping up onto the wrong side of 30, and up until this point Zaidi has stuck to that belief.

But the Giants are over a barrel here. That stubbornness resulted in a rotation reliant on young, unproven pitchers and veterans coming off catastrophic injuries returning to health. It’s early, but the results haven’t been exactly promising. The young pitchers are dropping like flies, and there’s no guarantee that Ray and Cobb will be effective this year — and even if they are, the team may be so far out of it by early summer it wouldn’t matter anyway.

At this point it is fair to say the edict of cost-control and aversion to signing long-term contracts for pitchers, hell any player, must be coming from the Giants ownership. It makes no sense considering the Giants wealth and financial flexibility regarding the luxury tax. I am going out on a limb here and saying it’s not all on Zaidi but he’s the face of the team and he, for all intents and purposes, is the decision-maker.

Yesterday’s Cactus League Game

The Giants lost 2-1 to the DBacks in Cactus League action. Lee homered and doubled. His homer was a 418 shot. Marco Luciano made his Spring debut and played short. He made a throwing error that lead to a run. Logan Webb started and pitched three innings and allowed two runs, one of which was unearned. Walker, Stashak, Romero and Seymour pitched the rest of the way and put up zeroes. That was a bright spot.

Bob Melvin had words about the Giants poor situational hitting and the error.

“We lost the game because we had two situational at-bats where we didn’t get a run in and we threw a ball away and made an error. It’s Spring Training right now. A lot of these things we’re going to have to do as a team to win. The score could have been completely different if we don’t throw a ball away and we have two situational at-bats where we get a run in. But [Luciano] looked like he was more comfortable after that first ball.”

I liked his comments and analysis. It was honest and did not spare anyone’s feelings. What a breath of fresh air after all the BS from the previous Manager, who shall go unnamed but hates eating cake and likes wearing painted on jeans and commenting on hamburgers on social media.


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Ummm In Case You’re Wondering, the Giants Suck at First Round Draft Picks

Read this and weep:

My thanks to 12xu for posting this in the comments.

Today’s Cactus League Game

The Giants host the Rangers in Cactus League action at 12:05 PM in Scottsdale. The boys in orange and black are still looking for their first Spring Training victory.