Greek Giant

It’s bad enough to lose to the Dodgers. It’s much worse to be swept. Last night the Giants lost 5-4 and in the process got swept in the three-game series and are now riding a four-game losing streak to start this young season at 2-5. Last night’s contest was a game full of intrigue, homers and big plays. Jorge Soler and Patrick Bailey homered for the Giants. Soler’s blast went way deep. He is one strong man. It was officially measured at 455 feet but I say hoooey and claim it went at least 470 if it went an inch. Kyle Harrison was tagged for four runs on six hits in his five innings of his work but I could make a strong case that his line should have been better. He was victimized by a bloop double and two balls, scored as hits, that got by Matt Chapman and should have been turned into outs or at least stopped. Both of those, a single and double scored runs. Chapman appeared to either be late in reacting or simply not able to judge the bounce on a ball to his left that went under his glove. For the double down the line Chapman was positioned perfectly but could not make the play on the backhand smash. Admittedly, it would have been a fine play but we’re talking win or lose types of plays here that the Dodgers made and the Giants did not.

In fact, getting back to the hitting, the Giants had only five hits on the night. That won’t do it. Tyler Glasnow, the Dodger starter, was not invincible but in his six innings of work he did a better job of limiting damage than Kyle Harrison (and his team) did. This is the story of the game for me: Glasnow over Harrison is a mismatch on paper and on the mound. Then once you get into comparing the lineups…well, it ain’t good for the Giants.

A Tale of Two Rivals

There is a big gap in talent between the two teams, most notably in their line ups. Ohtani hit his first homer as a Dodger last night and the crowd went nuts. For the Giants to beat the Bums on a consistent basis they will have to play much better defense, pitch better and get more hits with men on base, in other words, play winning baseball, which they did not in this series. In fact the Giants have are 5 -14 in their last 19 games against Los Angeles. That’s more than a small sample size and it stinks to high heaven. I’m not happy about it but I console myself with the fact that we are only one week and seven games into the season.

Some Giant Highlights:

The Giants are off today as they prepare for their home opener against San Diego tomorrow. The weekend starters for the Giants are scheduled as Jordan Hicks, Keaton Winn and Logan Webb.

Blake Snell Watch

Blake Snell is up to 77 pitches in his prep for his Giants 2024 season debut. He is expected to start Monday’s game.

On the Joey Bart Trade

The Giants were lucky to get anything back for losing Joey Bart, their second pick in the 2018 draft. The Giants acquired Austin Strickland, a pitcher in exchange. His trade to the Pirates meant that the days of hoping Bart would contribute to the Giants, let alone be Buster Posey’s heir apparent, are officially over. There have been many dissections about Bart’s failure to become a productive player but for my money the biggest issue was his broken writs suffered in an at bat in 2019. That most likely altered his swing and his ability to make a full mechanical approach to his hitting. There was the 2020 pandemic and the pressure and all that. He did show signs of progress in late 2021 but at the end of the day the Giants, after seeing him play in 162 games over his young career and seeing him strike out over 30% of the time decided he was not in their plans. We wish him luck.

Around MLB

Have you heard about the problems with the Major League uniforms? This year Fanatics fabricated the uniforms according to design specs by Nike. It turns out they are total garbage. They are see-through, cheap, they hold sweat and even the colors of the tops don’t match the pants. There are other issues here too. It’s an incredible fail by MLB and Nike.