Greek Giant


What an utter disaster for the Giants! Yes, I am referring to last night’s 7-6, ten-inning loss to the Pirates in Pittsburgh. It was a game so rotten, so putrid that I don’t know where to start so I will begin with the Manager, Bob Melvin.

I will begin with this question:

Why, oh why do you sit Lamonte Wade Jr, your best player this year, by far, in favor of Wilmer Flores just for a pitching matchup?

Why oh why is Ryan McKenna on the roster and starting in a game right after he was acquired off waivers from the Orioles?

Why oh why, when you are riding a 4-game winning streak, your team is hot, the young guys are building their confidence and excelling, do you MESS WITH THE LINE UP???!?!??!?

Why oh why do you bring in Camilo Doval in the middle of the ninth with runners on???!?!?!?!?!?!

Jesus Christ! This was one of Melvin’s worst performances for the Giants. I defy anyone to find a poorer job of managing in this game and I am sure I’m leaving out some examples but these decisions make me wonder who on Earth is Managing the Giants? Is it Bob Melvin or some weirdo analytics nerd who has no business being in a baseball park??!!?!?

I’m not finished!

There was Luciano’s critical error on a routine play in the ninth. If he makes the play and gets at least one out the Giants win. He did not. This was an example of living with the mistakes of the young guys. They are going to happen. Youth movements are never perfect so as long as we can all remember this we will be fine, Giants fans.

There was the case of how the Giants pitched to O’Neil Cruz, suddenly the best hitter in the game. He is the first player in Major League HISTORY to hit two balls at more than 120 MPH! WOW. The dude can hit. He also made the two-run error in the top of the first inning that gifted the Giants a 2-0 lead. I guess he was upset about it because he pretty much pounded the Giants into submission with his bat the rest of the game.

Logan Webb’s imperfect but gutsy start should have been enough to win. It was wasted thanks to the error, a leaky bullpen and some questionable managing.

The Lesson

When your team is on a roll you DO NOT MESS WITH THE LINEUP! When you bake a cake perfectly never change the recipe! Imagine these veterans and these young players who poured their blood, sweat, tears and years of work into getting into the Giants lineup and 25-man roster. Now imagine how they feel when a player who was cut by another team, with no tie to the organization, was inserted into the line up to start a game right in the middle of a four-game winning streak! It’s horrible managing and horrible general managing!

There were so many mistakes made in this game that you could almost use it as a textbook for how not to play baseball and how NOT to manage. But the season is long, there are still two games left in the series and I don’t want to dwell. I just had to say my peace.

LaMonte Wade Jr MUST PLAY EVERYDAY! He is the Giants’ best hitter and best first baseman. He may also be their smartest player. I never want to see anyone else at first base and I never want to read about another garbage heap Zaidi special appearing in a Giants uniform the day after his acquistiion. He needs to prove to the league, the Giants and his teammates he can play and he must do that in the Minors!

I don’t feel like posting anything from Twitter!

Tonight’s Game

Blake Snell makes his return from the IL and looks for his first win as a Giant. He faces Jared Jones of the Pirates. Game time is listed as 6:40 PM.