Greek Giant

As we continue the lockout and no baseball news I want to take this opportunity to write a note about the Giants Community Fund. The Community Fund is the charitable arm of our beloved baseball club. It offers a variety of cash awards, scholarships, educational programs and many other contributions to make the San Francisco Bay Area communities better.

Here is the official Impact Report for 2021.

The Community Fund is responsible for adding baseball diamonds to the area and providing critical scholarships to a variety of students from all backgrounds. The Willie Mays Scholars, for example, receive $20,0000. There were five winners in this year’s inaugural group.

The Junior Giants program, funded by the Community Fund, is responsible for 10,700 players and 270 cities in the area. The program funds young athletes, both boys and girls, and gives them uniforms, gloves, and other equipment to help spread the good word of baseball in our cities.

You can learn more about the Junior Giants at