Greek Giant

We need to keep the posts flowing so here goes. In this post, as the title says, I will not write about the Lockdown or labor strife in Major League Baseball. Evidently there is a Minor League camp, which comes as news to me. The Giants, in their ways of genius and novel horizons added a new member of the coaching staff to the camp: Willie. He is black, furry, and has four legs. He is, in fact, a dog.

There is some psychology behind the move. The Giants brass decided to leaven things up a bit and add another layer of “emotional support” whatever that means, for the young lads.

Alex Pavlovic has a nice article about Willie.

Willie was inspired by Drew Robinson’s dog, “Ellie”. For those of you unfamiliar with Drew Robinson’s incredible story and comeback to professional baseball after losing an eye, read this.

Check this out! Alyssa Nakken will be featured on MLB Tonight: