Greek Giant

Ok, It’s a slow Giants news day. I could write about the DH in the NL or the weirdness of the Corona Virus but I am tired of those topics. Today, in my relentless research on all things Giant online I came across an interesting little tidbit from Kurt Bevliacqua, a pal and former teammate of Bruce Bochy with the Padres. In the conversation with Jessica Kelinschmidt KB was asked if he thought Bruce Bochy would manage again. His answer was an unequivocal “yes.” It turns out the 20-year grind of Managing in the Major Leagues gave Bruce Bochy all kinds of mental and physical stresses including a chronically bad back, a heart condition and mental fatigue. Bevilacqua reveals that Bochy had to undergo therapy on his back and the time off in 2020 helped Bochy return to physical form.

What does this mean for MLB? What team might hire the living legend and sure Hall-of-Fame Bruce Bochy? Could it be a contender?, a team in need of a rebuild? My money goes to the Padres….. oooooh…

Spring Training is 77 days away.

Congratulations to Joe Biden and Giant fan Kamala Harris!