Greek Giant

The World Series travels to Phoeix tonight for Game 3. With the series tied at one game each the Arizona Diamondbacks now have home field advantage. It could be a big deal. Or it could not. It depends perhaps on the park dimensions and what kind of atmosphere the phoenix fans create. To be sure, the Texas Rangers will not be intimidated after their spectacular postseason run so far this year.

Tonight’s starting pitchers are listed as Scherzers against Pfaadt. It should be very interesting with these two pitchers. Max Scherzer is not 100% and has not fooled many hitters in his limited action so far this postseason. Brandon Pfaadt is a rookie who has played a big part in the Arizona success. We have two pitchers on opposite ends of their career paths. One is a hall of famer, first ballot for sure and the other is a promising right hander that, if he pitches well, could be the difference-maker in this Fall Classic. Either way it makes for great baseball theater.

Game time is 8:03 PM, Eastern on Fox.

Regarding Yesterday’s Post

There were more than a few snarky, and quite frankly, unfair comments and criticisms regarding my post yesterday on Greg Johnson’s “Break Even” comment. I don’t have any interest or the time in listing them all but you know who you are. The weakest criticism is asking me if I would prefer an owner like Oakland’s John Fisher who used the team for his personal cash register while stripping it for parts and never ever entertaining any real desire to compete. This was, obviously a rhetorical question and a false equivalency. Criticizing the Giants ownership does not mean I want or fear an owner like Fisher. But that should already be obvious to intelligent Giant fans. I don’t know where this defense of Johnson comes from considering he and his father and the rest of the Giants ownership group is responsible for this mediocre (at best) quagmire the Giants now find themselves in. I don’t want to get all brutally critical about the last five years, giving a guy like Farhan Zaidi the keys to the Giants kingdom and some of his decisions (Conor Joe anyone?) but the point I was trying to make (and obviously to some, failed to do so) was simple: For much of the past five years the Giants have been run like a small market team trying to avoid risks and save money. Yes, I know they “tried” to sign Aaron Judge and Carlos Correa. I know this, but the culture of continued dumpster diving, diminishing attendance, and cries of “poverty” by ownership just don’t mesh with my vision of a winning ownership philosophy. Just saying…