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Recently Farhan Zaidi spoke to the press publicly for the first time regarding the circumstances, turn of events and specifics regarding negotiations with Scott Boras for the Carlos Correa contract. It is important to note that this press conference was a long time coming and should have happened sooner but better late than never. The following quotes are form the ESPN story.

Among the interesting and crucial details:

  • The Giants addressed the concerns with the Correa physical with Boras early on, almost immediately, and well before the scheduled Press Conference
  • Zaidi does not believe the Giants are back in the running for Correa since the shortstop has still not officially signed his contract with the Mets
  • The Giants and Zaidi maintain that all is well with their relationship with Boras
  • Boras lied about many details (though Zaidi did not spell it out this way, we can read between the lines)
  • The Giants signed Michael Conforto with no issues, a Boras client
  • The decision to opt out of the Correa contract was organizational, not just Zaidi’s or ownership’s choice

Here are some interesting quotes:

“One thing that I would want to be clear, and I think it’s really important for us as an organization that our fans hear it from me and hopefully believe it, is our organization was totally unified every step of the way as this unfolded,” Zaidi said, “in the initial pursuit, in the negotiation and in unfortunately what happened subsequently.”


“I was on the phone with Scott Boras on the Monday that we did Carlos’ physical right when his plane landed in San Francisco at 5 p.m., and those conversations continued from that point, so any suggestion that this was an 11th-hour thing is just not accurate,” Zaidi said on a video call with a small group of beat reporters. “As soon as we had information, we shared it. We have a good working relationship with Scott Boras and his agency.”

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Mazeltov Joc.