by DrLefty

A couple of years ago, I mentioned on Facebook about writing for TWG as “DrLefty.” One of my Facebook friends, a well-known scholar in our field, contacted me and said she was editing a special issue of a journal on “academic writers doing ‘everyday’ writing,” and she thought an article focused on my blogging about baseball would be a good addition to the issue.

So I wrote the article and it was lots of fun to write, and it’s finally been published in theĀ South Atlantic Review (a regional journal that’s part of the Modern Languages Association).

The article is “co-authored” by [my real name] and DrLefty, and it’s called “Academic writer turned baseball blogger: What Professor Ferris has learned from DrLefty.”

Here’s a link to the article.



The article is mostly about me (what I’ve learned as an academic writer from my hobby as a baseball blogger), but some of it is about you all, and you might get a kick out of it. Anyway, enjoy or ignore, as you like!

Lefty out.