Greek Giant

Mr. Nice Guy:

Dear Gang, let’s keep the talk on this blog solely about baseball (and whatever sports topics, music, and other fun subjects you find interesting) and NOT about politics. Please, please, please, please, respect the wishes of your loyal blog emperor. I have already asked politely and my patience is reaching my limit. I am getting many complaints from various parties who feel they are being bullied or who feel out of place because of political posturing, grandstanding and other forms of commentary in reference to recent political events in the grand old USA.

In case you did not know it, Greek Giant’s first degree is in Political Theory. I have studied and learned many fascinating things over the years and there is one truism I abide by: Baseball Unites, Politics Divides. I did not start this blog as a political platform. I do not spend my company’s resources and my money so people who feel wronged, slighted, angry, or generally angsty about an election or political topic can vent. It is absolutely crucial, you, my fellow Togethers, that you exercise restraint and avoid any jibes, remarks and comments or screeds related to politics, partisan or otherwise in these comments. You may feel the urge to let loose but I guarantee you that your comments and rants are not welcome by all and they do not contribute to our mutual Giants love affair.

If this blog is to succeed you will have to honor these rules and police yourselves. If not…

Mr. Bad Guy: 

That’s it! I am fed up! I politely asked everyone who comments to refrain from discussing politics or topics of any sort that can be construed political. Since many of you have brazenly disregarded my humble wishes and request you leave with no choice but to either take this site down completely (shut down your playground) or start banning you individually.

This is a serious matter for me. When I get emails from beloved and devoted fellow readers and contributors complaining about the political messages on Together We’re Giants it takes precious time away from my business, my art career, and my motorcycle riding with my girl. Guess who comes first in this equation?

Repeat after me:

Baseball Unites, Politics Divides

Exercise some restraint. If you need to vent, spew, pontificate do it somewhere else, via email or on one of the thousands of partisan news sites available on this thing they call the Internet. The viability of this site depends on it. Since this site is a gift, all those who ignore my wishes and my rules dishonor and disrespect this gift. I cannot live with that.

If you see someone getting political flag the comment or reply politely that political discussions are not welcome here and are against the rules.

Don’t make me have to add advertisements and turn this into another tainted and boring marketplace, or, take the whole damn thing offline!

Don’t make me have to open up a can of Whooptogetherweregiantsass on you!