Well… I remember when we played stickball as kids. When there was an odd occurrence, a ball hit into Mrs. Ford’s geraniums that was kind of in that nether world of fair/foul in our imaginations… we would stop and look at each other and yell “Do-over…” Not much to say about this desultory loss. The Cardinals made Alex Reyes look like Bob Gibson. Could it be a disappointment hangover from last night?

I don’t feel like mentioning how many games behind/ahead we are for whatever playoff consolation prize. I just want another drink.. This incarnation of the Giants will test your will to live, your patience and your commitment to fandom. What can we say? The team was downright awful at the plate. Albert Suarez pitched well enough to win, giving up 2 runs in 5 innings.

I really don’t know where to go from here. I want to wait till the season is over before I dissect decisions, personnel moves, strategies and such. Right now, believe it or not we still have a solid chance at playing at least one postseason game and you know what? Millions and billions of Major League fans would be thrilled if they could utter that last sentence…

Tomorrow Madbum faces Kershaw in Los Angeles and we get a new day to start a new winning streak.. I’m tired. I want one of those baseball cake pops on a stick…