Now that’s better. Two wins in a row, all thanks to the Extras Refugees, Greg Papa and no batting practice before the game! One win is one win, two wins in a row and you have dreams of winning the World Series! The Giants timed their hits beautifully and were gifted 6 unearned runs in a bad inning for the Cardinals. It turns out Yadier Molina, one of the greatest defensive catchers of all time, really is human. His throwing error set the table for the big inning that would decide the game on a night the Giants were facing a rookie who struck out the first four batters he faced.

Are the Giants Back?

Here is the question I kept asking myself during the game, in between working in my darkroom: Do the Giants look different tonight? Are they a good team again? Or, is this some kind of tease, a cruel rejoinder to wake us up from the dreamy state of the Golden Era? My answer: I want another mojito… I really don’t know. This has to be one of the strangest and most perplexing baseball teams I have ever watched. What I believe is this team has good players who have not played well. Forget WAR, stats, numbers and trends for a minute… Let’s just analyze the Giants with our gut instincts: Do they look like a championship caliber team? Maybe, Yes…. It all depends.

Bruce Bochy: Motivational Speaker

Matt Moore was Matt Moore: unequal, at times brilliant, like when he steamrolled his way out of trouble in the 4th… but he threw too many pitches and seemed to lose focus too many times. That was some motivational speech Bochy gave him during his mound visit with two outs in the 5th:

Bochy: “What the fuck is wrong with you? Did you forget how to play baseball all of a sudden?”

Moore: “Sorry Skip, that harvest moon was in my eyes.”

Bochy: “This is your last better. Get him out so you can pick up the win or I am shipping you back to St. Petersburg so you can experience the thrill of playing in front of 4,438 ravenous retirees every game in a 1980s circus tent.”

Bottom Line: Giants win a ballgame against a good team. This was a game they had to win to ride that confidence train… A good win indeed and, oh, by the way, Did you see that big beautiful home run Buster Posey lasered over the left center field wall? A good tiding perhaps? Buster we need you. Welcome back!

Good win, great comment threads gang. I enjoyed reading them all. It appears the verdict is thumbs up for the weekly guest posts.