by GreekGiant


The full moon over Mays field to start the game was the sign of good things to come. The Giants were spectacular on a night when they were looking for their first win of the homestand against an opponent battling for a postseason berth. This might be the most impressive win of the second half for the simple mastery of every phase of the game: Crawford making Crawfordesque plays deep in the hole, Pence homering with two outs in the first to give the Giants an early lead they would never relinquish, Posey going 4-5, and Cueto going nine strong. Thank God for Johnny Beisbol!

Maybe the best move of the game was pregame: When Bochy ordered the players to show up late at 5pm and skip batting practice.

I remember when I was a little league pitcher and I got sick. It turns out I came back stronger than ever. The physical and emotional break was just what I needed…

This victory was especially gratifying for all the contributions from the Giants Extra Refugees. It’s nice to throw a party and have all your friends and their friends show up when you were worried you were only going to get a few stragglers… Maybe we can build this into a Championship community away from the commercial pooh pooh of clickbait and silly corporate requirements.

The Giants look like champions: confident, solid in all phases of the game, and ready for a poised run. We have sung this song before after wins in Miami, Yankee Stadium and other places this second half but this one feels special.

Now I can go to sleep happy after a week of staying up past 2 AM on the East Coast with the sick feeling of bad losses… I needed this. We all did! Let’s enjoy it!