Tonight’s Game Vs the Cardinals (76-70), 7:15 at Willie Mays Field:
Luke Weaver (1-2, 3.48) vs Matt Moore (3-4, 4.05)

Another big game tonight for the Giants. Basically every game is a postseason game for our boys. The Giants face an unknown in Luke Weaver, a right hander who in limited work this year has put up respectable numbers. I feel like this game is a test of our patience and I, for one, am nervous. The Giants need to put together a string of wins so we can all sleep better at night, so they can gain some momentum and precious confidence if there is to be postseason baseball in the City By the Bay.

Matt Moore Please Help Us Get Over Matt Duffy

For the Giants, Matt Moore is very much the template of our second half: If he pitches well we win… If not… time to fire up those World Series DVDs from years past…

His last start was sterling: a 7 innings, 2 runs, 11 strikeouts and 1 walk effort against the dreaded Arizona Whatevers of blood-soaked over-designed uniforms.

No need to get into the “importance” of this game.. It’s pennant race baseball at its best between two historic franchises who built a legacy of sustainable success and a culture of winning that most franchises can only dream of.

Some Questions

  • How on Earth are the Cards leading the Universe in home runs?
  • How will the Giants hitters fare against a starting pitcher they have never faced?
  • Where Will Denard Span bat in the line up?
  • Does a rested bullpen bode well for the Giants or does Moore need to go the distance?
  • How do my fellow Extras Refugees feel about weekly guest posts from our brothers and sisters?

I will post line ups if I get around to putting down my pre-game margaritas and if I have the energy after cooking for my parents tonight. The menu: Comte cheese omelet with roasted peppers, an avocado and tomato salad and a garnish of lovely domestic prosciutto…

Go Giants!