Tonight’s Game Vs the Cardinals (76-71), 6:05 at Willie Mays Field:
Mike Leake (9-10, 4.60) vs Jeff Samargggggggggggddyeah (11-10, 4.07)

It’s hard to believe there are only 14 games left in the regular season after tonight’s battle between the Cardinals and Giants. This is our Adam Duvall revenge game, the game where we get to show off how great we are, how successful we are, how good we look, and how hot our girlfriends/boyfriends are against a former flame, Mike Leake.

No need to rehash the tenure of Mr. Leake and the success of the player we gave up to get him…. Tonight we can all feel better about that transaction if the Giants prevail.

Tonight’s Starting Lineups:


Some deep thoughts and good conversation in the comments for the Whiteness and Baseball piece. Much more to discuss. I will recall the beauty and innocence of my childhood playing baseball with boys of different skin colors and cultures. For me, a an 8 year-old from Montreal, people were people. I will never forget one game, a playoff game when I was 11 in the rural Florida of 1978. We rode to a black part of town in the back of my coach’s pickup truck. It was my first time there. Some of my teammates saw a few African American boys walking down the street. My teammates proceeded to taunt them with vile and hateful words, epithets and slurs of the worst variety. It was a shock to me and an awakening to the very different cultural history of America compared to Canada.

Moving to San Francisco as a young man, I was thankfully, exposed to a far more progressive view on difference. Baseball was always a salvation for me, an innocent and pure game of joy for boys and men, girls and women. I believe the sport is getting more progressive socially and I believe eventually there will be many more great African American athletes playing this great game!